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10 Reasons Why Organic Foods are Cheaper than Conventional & GMO based Foods


1. Better Health

Organic foods help you feel healthier and more energetic compared to conventional foods. Organic foods aren’t exposed to any pesticides, herbicides and chemicals. Accumulation of pesticides in body can increase free radicals and result in weaker immune system. By lowering your exposure to pesticides and chemicals, you will have stronger immune system so you will be less likely to get sick. The healthier you are the better you can work and succeed in your job. Furthermore, one of the most serious health epidemics today in America is obesity. Obesity by itself costs employees 70 billion dollars a year. Obese workers are more likely to get sick and have lower productivity and utilization. Organic healthy eating will help you lose weight, maintain a healthy weight and increase your productivity at work.

. Cutting-Unhealthy-Substitute

2. Better Nutrition for Brain

Organic foods have higher nutrients and antioxidants compared to conventional and GMO foods. Like other organs in your body your brain needs proper nutrients to build, heal and grow itself. It’s amazing that brain makes up for only 2% of the body mass but it consumes 20% of the body’s energy. Many children with malnutrition are more likely to have difficulty learning at school and concentrating. These kids usually can’t finish school and end up doing something they don’t like. Supply your brain with healthy organic foods so you could have more constructive thoughts, make better decisions and succeed a lot more in whatever you do.

3. Cutting Unhealthy Substitute

Organic sustainable living makes you cut many unhealthy substitute and ingredients such as foods with MSG, HFCS, toxic chemicals and additives. By spending less money on junk food you can save money for good nutritional food. Sometimes when I’m in a coffee shop I notice that people spend $5 on a coffee filled with HFCS whereas an herbal tea full of antioxidants is only $1.

4. Physically in Shape

Organic healthy living will help you lose weight and maintain a healthy weight. People who are physically fit are more likely to be social and have many friends. It’s been said that you make money from who you know rather than what you know. Being social and having many contacts and friends will provide you with more business and financial opportunities.

5. Confidence

Organic living gives you a lot more confidence so you will see the opportunities in your life, take advantage of them and explore them for your financial success.

6. Saves you from Prescription Drugs and Medical Bills

In America one of the fastest growing reasons for bankruptcies are medical bills that people cannot pay. Organic sustainable living believes that “your food is your medicine and your medicine is your food”. Organic living saves you money from lost revenue, prescription drugs and medical expenses. By spending money on healthy nutritious foods you won’t get sick and don’t have to spend money on medical pills and bills.


7. Successful Career

The most successful people are the ones who are doing the work they love. Organic living helps you think more clearly, make better decisions by avoiding mistakes and have a much more successful career.

8. Eating Less

When your body absorbs essential micronutrients you feel less hungry. Organic foods have a lot more nutrients and they make you feel less hungry so you’ll end up eating less. By eating less you will have a lot more energy and feel more satisfied. You also spend less money on junk foods and fast foods that make you feel hungrier and less rejuvenated.

9. Getting Retired Early

Consuming organic healthy foods will help you save money and therefore you can retire early and enjoy a quality life.

10. Organic Food saves you Pain

Organic living saves you pain which is the most costly thing in life. And what’s the price of pain and misery anyways? I’ve known millionaires who have ended up in hospital suffering from all kinds of diseases while confused with GMO and toxic foods they have been having their entire lives. Organic living makes you choose the best food ever and you will maintain the best health ever! So what’s keeping you from joining the organic community today? Go organic, say Goodbye to pain & illnesses, enjoy the best of health and wealth and start living a rawsome life!