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We have a mission:

To promote healthy eating by providing articles on nutritional foods - and by promoting restaurants that offer healthy food choices, vegetarian dishes, organic salads, fresh wild fish, grass-fed meats, and foods with high nutritional value.  

Our Website:

Our Website offers more than 1000 articles on healthy eating, nutritional value, vitamins and minerals, vegan / vegetarian diets, whole foods, smart diets, food allergies, restaurant guides, best local restaurant reviews, superfoods, herbs, and more.

We are one of the most popular advocacy groups on the internet promoting healthy foods and healthy lifestyle. Our members are always interested to learn more about raw products and superfoods. In fact many of our advertisers sell organic products, raw foods and superfoods.

nice-dishes We have more than 200,000+ unique visitors per month.
nice-dishes We have currently 140,000+ members; adding about 200 members per week.

We are truly devoted to this labor of love: to make our society a better place through promoting healthy foods, organic products, balanced diet, nutritional information and promoting restaurants that offer a choice of healthy menu options.  

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