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Meet your Meat! Monsanto, Big Dairy Farmers and Big Meat Producers

In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I'm going to talk about animal abuse, use of hormones and GMOs in our food supply and the power of big dairy farmers and Monsanto. There are no laws to protect farmed animals against violence and abuse. Although More than 90% of Americans believe that famed animals deserve legal protection, the food industry lobbyists give Politicians millions of dollars every year not to pass laws or enforcements that would protect animal farms. Since the loss of family farm lands by consolidation of larger land holders the cows in farms are treated like milk machines or commodity.

Many farmers now inject their cows with all kinds of hormones to boost their milk production. Well we probably all heard about the so called Monsanto Company. Monsanto was one of the very first few companies that started injecting hormones to cows to increase their milk production. These hormones increase the risk of cows developing mastitis (painful infection). The Monsanto food industry has fought really hard not to put labels in their products because the truth is that the majority of the American meat and dairy products come from cows that are injected with hormones.


Well as usual the FDA sends its blessings and approval for the use of these synthetic hormones in livestock. Growth of hormones initiated by Monsanto food industry enhances the milk production and weight gain of cows up to 15%. That way a cow will reach its idea size sooner for getting slaughtered and becoming burger. Human beings are exposed to these synthetic hormones when they consume the cow’s products such as meat or dairy. The urine of livestock which contains hormones also contaminates the environment and our water supply. The Monsanto industry also uses “breeding hormones” to improve pregnancy rate and number of breeding. Usually the new calves as a result of hormones suffer with birth defects and have difficulty breathing.

Well usually what goes around comes around!

Although FDA has approved used of hormones in livestock the negative effect of hormones in young children and developing fetus is undeniable. Hormones have been related to obesity and a wave of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. That’s why the European Union and Canada have banned all the livestock and meat production with hormones.

For example France has zero tolerance for using carcinogens and rejected to buy cows from US during George Bush presidency. US retaliated by increasing steel import tariff’s during GATT talks to punish the French government and accused them of being anti-American. Well although Monsanto claims that the use of hormones is perfectly healthy for both cows and humans, the reality couldn’t be any further from the truth. Based on the Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility the use of hormones can increase the chances of breast cancers, prostate cancer and colon cancer. Not just that cows are injected with hormones, they are also injected with antibiotics and the use of these antibiotics in cows that people consume in meat and dairy products can make people resistant to antibiotics and infectious bacteria. A culture based on corporate profit gains nothing from people being healthy.


But the economic gains of people getting sick can be huge for some. Injected cows with hormones produce one gallon more milk a day comparing to cows that aren’t injected. One more gallon of milk a day for each cow makes a lot more money for big dairy farmers, processors and Monsanto. That’s how Monsanto’s meat and dairy products are offered at lower prices. President Obama made promises to label hormones and GMOs but I guess the food industry lobbyists are more powerful, ruthless and aggressive.

Although there are undeniable scientific evidences that use of hormones, GMOs and chemicals are threatening human’s health, I believe people should have the right to choose on their own. If based on Monsanto’s claims the use of these hormones is perfectly healthy for people, why are they pushing for their anti-labeling policies? Shouldn’t people have the right to know what’s inside what they eating so they can make up their own mind? Or may be Monsanto and food lobbyist truly know that they can’t have happy healthy pictures of livestock in their products, if they labeled their products as corn fed or injected with hormones or antibiotics.



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