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What has happened to our food industry that we have look for the organic version of everything?


“What has happened to our food industry that we have to search the shelves of the grocery store looking for the organic version of everything?” Can we just expect to buy real nutritious food without chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, or toxic contaminants? The other day I was at the grocery store, I picked up a candy bar that said “real milk chocolate” on the front of the packaging. I just thought what do they really mean by REAL MILK CHOCOLATE?

There is really no such thing as “real” chocolate made from milk. Real chocolate is made from cacao and ‘hopefully’ raw cane sugar is added to it. So called ‘milk chocolate’ is a derivative of milk and sugar with little or no trace of cacao. Many advertising packages also say “natural”.

Well, natural doesn’t necessary mean organic, does it? However there can be a huge difference between natural and organic. They could simply use antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, toxins and pesticides in natural products, so when you go shopping re-read the label very carefully.


What is organic?

Organic is a way of processing and growing food that doesn’t require any pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. These toxins contaminate the water we drink, the air we breathe and the soil we use for planting and eventually find their way into our body.

Instead of using chemicals, pesticides and herbicides, organic farmers cover their plants, rotate crops, and add plant waste additives and beneficial insects to the soil to both control the pest problems as well as enrich the soil. Organic farmers do not use any antibiotics, hormones or GMOs to fatten up their chickens or cows and they truly believe in nutrition and stress free living condition for livestock. Their cows are grass fed and chickens are free range and feed off of vegetarian diet (not GMO corns). The animals are well treated and allowed to live in more natural environment rather than cages. Find out how soil erosion has led to depletion of soil nutrients.



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