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Tell FDA to Reject Frankenfish before April 26

The new GMO fish called AquAdvantage® Salmon is a combination of farmed Atlantic salmon eggs and growth hormone gene from Chinook salmon. Frankenfish funded by USDA can grow much quicker and become twice the size of Atlantic salmon.

Also, the United States Department of Agriculture has helped with the approval of frankenfish and generously has donated half a million dollars to the research facilities of GM salmon.  

The Food and Drug Administration in their preliminary assessment also has agreed that frankenfish is safe and won’t be a threat to people’s health and the environment. So it might not be too long before you find GMO salmon that’s not even labeled on your dinner plate.


Several grocery stores and supermarkets including Whole Foods, Aldi and Trader Joe’s have opposed frankenfish that can grown twice as a normal size in half a time and have pledged not to sell GMO salmon.
Frankenfish is now waiting for FDA approval and the public have until April 26th to comment about it and ask FDA to reject GMO salmon.

The big 6 pesticide companies that are also the biggest biotech companies have been fighting and spending $46 million not to label GM foods. So if FDA approves GMO salmon, frankenfish without a label will soon be on your plate.

While people all across the country are demanding GMO labeling, the voters will decide this coming November to label GMO foods in state of Washington.

The state of Oregan is also determined to ban GMO salmon and label GM materials in foods accordingly.

The website of labelitwa.org states how 63 countries have mandatory labeling laws and 27 countries have banned GMOs. The website also mentions how FDA performs no independent studies on its own and 100% relies on the studies that are presented to them by the biotech, chemical and pharmaceutical companies.  

But the question is, can you really believe what a large "for-profit company or bank" tells you without safeguards to protect your family?

Also the OregonRightToKnow.org website states how genetic engineering of plants and animals can result in unintended consequences and therefore genetic engineering can result in the health and environmental impacts with adverse and sometimes unpredictable consequences.

Tell FDA to reject GMO salmon before April 26

The preliminary assessments of FDA say that approval of GMO salmon has no impact on people’s health or the environment. However, the growth hormones called IGF-1 have been linked to breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. Also limited tests have shown that GM salmon can increase allergies and have much lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are the good fat that make salmon a healthy food. If you haven't already, please contact both FDA and your local grocery store and let them know that despite FDA decision (to approve GMO salmon or not) you will boycott frankenfish.  

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