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March against Monsanto


Occupy against Monsanto in Seattle

When the halls of justice have failed the streets of the world must be marched... Read more


Occupy against Monsanto in India

Once every 30 M an Indian farmer commits suicide by drinking Monsanto's insecticide... Read more


Occupy against Monsanto in South Africa

South Africa is Marching Against Monsanto!... Read more


Occupy against Monsanto in South Korea

March againt Monsanto in South Korea... Read more


Occupy against Monsanto in Puerto-Rico

March againt Monsanto in Purto Rico... Read more


Occupy against Monsanto in Sydney

Say no to No to monsanto. Food terrorists.... Read more



Occupy against Monsanto in Amsterdam

March againt Monsanto in Amsterdam.... Read more


Occupy against Monsanto in Norway

March againt Monsanto in Norway.... Read more


Occupy against Monsanto in Portugal

March againt Monsanto in Norway... Read more


Occupy against Monsanto in Vancouver B.C Canada

March Against Monsanto-Vancouver B.C Canada ... Read more


Occupy against Monsanto in Germany

March Against Monsanto-Germany ... Read more


Occupy against Monsanto in UK

UK Campaigners set to Target Genetically Modified Food ... Read more



Occupy against Monsanto in NYC

It's not a crisis, it's a scam. Capitalism is the crisis. Washington Square Park, NYC ... Read more


Occupy against Monsanto

Occupy Monsanto in Georgia, Alaska, NJ, Idaho, Minnesota, Chicago, Hawaii and Las Vegas... Read more



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