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Toxic aspartame might be added to dairy products without a label

Aspartame made of 10% methyl alcohol (wood alcohol), 40% aspartic acid and 50% phenylalanine is added as artificial sweetener to many diet drinks. However the National Milk producers Federation (NMPF) and the International Dairy Food Association (IDFA) have been petitioning FDA to allow aspartame to be added to dairy products including milk, yogurt, sour cream, eggnog and cream without proper labeling.

Both IDFA and NMPF claim that artificial sweeteners like aspartame are low in calories and should be promoted as healthy eating in our schools. According to FDA, the proposal of IDFA and NMPF states that using low calorie sweeteners can promote healthy and nutritional eating and effectively reduce the chances of childhood obesity

Al these years, the big dairy industry have been adding white processed sugar, rBGH growth hormones, antibiotics and high fructose corn syrup that contains mercury to many dairy products. So now the giant dairy producers are claiming that since there are no laws that require sugar to be labeled in milk, they could also add aspartame without labeling.  


It’s critical to know that despite what the food industry claims, aspartame has been linked to weight gain, obesity, craving for sugar, increase in calorie intake, cancer, heart disease, leukemia and much more.

Click here to find the studies on the health risks associated with aspartame

Interestingly according to both IDFA and NMPF aspartame shouldn’t be labeled because the nutrition content might not be attractive to consumers.

Ironically the IDFA and NMPF both claim that dairy products flavored with artificial sweeteners like aspartame should not be labeled since consumers can “identify its overall nutritional value much easier".

But how could that be possible since without proper labeling the consumers cannot identify what’s inside a product to decide for themselves? Or May be what IDFA and NMPF are truly suggesting is that keeping the consumers ignorant will help to keep the giant agribusiness in charge of the entire market. 

At the same time both IDFA and NMPF are also wondering why they shouldn’t take advantage of the whole situation since Monsanto, DuPont and their buddies were able to hide GMOs by spending $46 million against the will of 93% of all Americans. By the end of the day, all that’s going to cost them is a petition to their friend FDA.

It is also so hypocritical of both IDFA and NMPF to claim that their entire purpose is helping the nutritional needs of our kids at schools and serving what’s the best for the consumers by adding aspartame without a label. While many independent studies show how aspartame is a toxic additive and extremely dangerous for kids.  

So why IDFA and NMPF don’t tell the TRUTH that the businesses are best served when the consumers are kept uninformed. They are very well aware that adding a label whether is GMO or aspartame to our food will make them lose money. Because no one in their right mind will consume meat or dairy products of cows that are fed GMO corn and injected with rBGH growth hormones and antibiotics. However, as ridiculous as it sounds based on both IDFA and NMPF adding hidden aspartame will accomplish all the nutritional value of dairy products that have already growth hormones, HFCS, GMOs and antibiotics in them!  

At the same time the FDA continues its war against raw milk and rawsome stores

Ironically the same FDA which considers aspartame safe, has helped, funded and even organized armed government raids against the producers of raw milk and fresh organic products.

Here is the footage of FDA’s raid on rawsome store in CA in August 2011. The footage shows how they poured down all the fresh products and raw milk of rawsome co-op down the drain.

However, an inquisitive mind might question that even if FDA has safety concerns about consuming raw milk, why they don’t collect samples for further tests or studies? They instead prefer to destroy all the evidence by throwing the fresh products away and pouring the raw milk down the drain.

One might also ask if the gun raid is necessary at all and how come only in the US the rawsome farmers are treated like terrorists? Is it fair to push these honest hard working farmers one by one out of business for the sake of corporate greed and maximizing the profit of few corporate elites who are only interested in economic exploitation, abolishing any regulations to protect consumers, total market control, and ultimately market domination at the expense of transparency while ignoring consumer awareness labeling, reduction in pollution, and soil sustainability, among others.



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