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10 Facts you need to know about keeping your body healthy and strong

Fact #1: Not all multivitamins are the same and in fact many are lacking the right balance to keep the body optimized and healthy. For instance most multivitamins have about 100mcg of Vitamin B12. However the body needs at least 300mcg to reduce dramatically the problem associated to Pernicious anemia.


Fact #2: Vitamin C is an incomplete vitamin without bioflavonoids. Also bioflavonoids are iron-binding antioxidants that reduce the buildup of iron in the blood stream as people get older. Also, Quercetin is another excellent companion to vitamin C and together, they are all potent against free radicals in the body. Good source of bioflavonoids include: Red Bell Peppers, Strawberries, Citrus Fruits, Broccoli, garlic, spinach, green tea.

Fact #3: Sulfur is an important and necessary nutrient for keeping the body healthy and strong because it is needed to make glutathione. Many studies have shown that people who survive and live beyond 80 have high glutathione levels in the body. Usually glutathione levels start to decline during the middle age years. Foods with high glutathione levels: broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, avocados, peaches, and watermelon.

Fact #4: Most diets have dangerously low levels of lutein. Low lutein levels are dangerous for human visual system and in particular adults that have blue, hazel, or green eyes have half as much protective lutein in the retina of their eyes, compared to others. Eat lots of raw kale, raw spinach, raw broccoli, raw Romaine lettuce, raw papaya and raw oranges.

Fact #5: Zinc and copper must be carefully balanced since too much or too little of either can cause problems. While both of these are essential for health, these minerals compete for absorption. For instance when zinc consumption exceeds by a factor of 10 compared to copper, this would lead to a high cholesterol level (LDL bad cholesterol).

Fact #6: Excessive calcium (a diet rich in dairy) or excessive calcium intake at the expense of magnesium, leads to server headaches and migraines, bad temper and mood swings, cataracts, hypertension, kidney stones, calcified arteries and heart valves and sudden death heart attacks. Often women are told that calcium builds strong bones, but so does magnesium and together they are much more effective in strengthening bones.

Fact #7: Iron buildup is a serious epidemic in the diet of most Americans and leads to chronic diseases. Iron is essential for cell growth and hemoglobin in the red blood cells but too much consumption reduces life span of adults over the age of 40.


Fact #8: Many doctors recommend aspirin as a blood thinner and to reduce the threat of a heart attack. But aspirin causes gastric ulcers and interferes with vitamin metabolism. Garlic is an excellent alternative as a blood thinner without side effects.

Fact #9: Doctors admit and acknowledge that they don’t know and they don’t study and they are not thought about nutrition in med school. The best thing you have you defend your body is good, balanced, nutritional foods and a good cleaning diet. Include herbs and spices in your diet for cleansing.

Fact #10: Exercise, exercise, and exercise. Walk for about 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening if you can. Walk everyday or at least 5 days a week. This relaxes you, promotes digestion and absorption of nutrients from your food, it helps your body to store nutrients instead of fat. It is good for you.



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