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49 Doses of 14 vaccines before the age 6

The figures by the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) show that kids today receive 49 doses of vaccines before they reach the age six years old. Although the authorities insist that more vaccines are better, common sense would suggest that we are over vaccinating our children.

In the last three decades the number of vaccines recommended for the children have became three times as much and it continues to grow. The excessive use of vaccines and antibiotics doesn’t allow children to develop their immune system naturally though nutritional and healthy foods. I agree that some vaccines in some situations might be necessary for kids, but our kids are receiving three times more vaccines just in the last three decades before they are old enough to have a proper immune system.

According to the Vaccine Information Center our kids are the most highly vaccinated children in the world and the least healthy ones that are chronically ill or disabled. According to Centers for Disease Control, just in the last few decades the number of health problems including ADD, ADHD, learning difficulties, autism, obesity, diabetes and even clot in the heart arteries have tripled.    


Lower immune system and increase in brain injuries, neurological damage due to increase in use of vaccines

Many experts believe that there is a major difference between the kids who naturally develop their immune system and kids who have vaccine-induced immunity. Kids who go through developing natural immune responses develop “memory” that helps the body to protect itself against harmful substances. But children who are vaccinated don’t develop that kind of a memory and depend on the antibody. Vaccinations do not strengthen the immune system and they can actually weaken it.

The studies however show that in the last three decades twice more kids suffer from immune system disorders and chronic brain damages. According to a neurosurgeon and an expert on vaccines Dr Russell Blaylock excessive vaccination during brain development can cause autism and neurological and chronic brain damages.

According to NVIC vaccines have viruses and bacteria that have been created in labs including other substances and toxic preservatives like aluminum, thimerosal (mercury based preservative), formaldehyde, sodium borate, sodium chloride, MSG, bovine and human serum albumin, antibiotics, lactose and other harmful contaminants.




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