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98 million Americans have received polio vaccines contaminated with cancer-causing virus SV40

The CDC website was caught for removing a page that included information about 98 million Americans who received one or two more doses of polio vaccine with an 8-year span contaminated with a cancer causing polyomavirus called SV40. SV40 is a DNA virus and an abbreviation for Simian vacuolating virus 40 or Simian virus 40 related to cancer and tumors. In fact, SV40 can suppress healthy genes in humans and mutated genes can enhance the growth of cancer cells.


Back in 1960s, SV40 was found in monkey kidney cells when these cells were used to create polio vaccines and since then many documents show that polio and hepatitis B vaccines produced from chimps and monkeys are responsible for most cancers. As a matter of fact, by 1996, scientists reported SV40 in variety of bone and brain cancer.

Although there are many speculations that SV40 virus still exists in many vaccines, the CDC confirms that SV40 virus has been removed from all polio vaccines. However, the latest CDC report confirms that from 1955 to 1963 more than 98 million Americans have been exposed to SV40 virus and as a result many could have developed cancer.

Studies show that polio vaccine could be responsible for cancer in humans:

In 1994, Dr. Michele Carbone from Loyola University found that half of humans with lung cancer carried SV40 virus. Since then, more than 60 different studies have confirmed that SV40 virus has been found in variety of cancer including brain, bone and lymphatic.

In 2002, a study published by the journal Lancet showed compelling evidence that polio vaccine is responsible for half of 55,000 of lymphoma happening every year.

Also, Dr. Maurice Hilleman's investigation that has played an important role in discovering cancer-causing virus shows that the giant Pharmaceutical Company, Merck has been responsible for unleashing polio vaccines as well as spreading AIDS virus.

A study performed by the National Academy of Science Institute of Medicine (IOM) Immunization Safety Committee also confirms that SV40 virus is related to polio vaccine and the exposure to the virus can increase the risk of cancer in humans.   

It took 50 years for the truth about polio vaccines contaminated with SV40 virus to come out. However, the question is that how many other new viruses and toxins are currently experimented that we will find out few decades from now?

In fact, currently, variety of chemicals, toxic preservatives and additives regulated by FDA and big Ag are added into our food supply. For example, in genetic engineering, bacillus thuringiensis (BT) bacteria is inserted into plants to kill pests and weeds and the truth is that every cells of GMO corn or soy is producing toxic protein.

Also, it’s been said that in 1969, US officially canceled all its research on biological weapons, however, a documentary called “Codename Artichoke—the Secret Human Experiments of the CIA” broadcasted by German state TV channel suggests that currently the US has biological warfare program hidden from the rest of the world.

Just in the last century, more than 500 million people around the world have died as a result of infectious diseases and deliberate release of pathogens and toxins. And all that takes for politicians to commit this genocide against humanity is to draw a line between fiction and reality. The same thing they did with Iraq war and they were successful to sell a war based on Saddam’s imaginary WMDs. They often use the term “pre-emptive” strike or matter of national security to brainwash and manipulate masses and spend your tax dollars on top secretive biological and military programs designed to keep their war propaganda alive.






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