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Driving under the influence of Alcohol / Avoid Alcohol Consumption during Pregnancy

In the last section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I talked about physical problems of alcoholism. In this section I’m going to talk about social problems of alcoholism.


Alcoholics have serious social issues. More than 50% of vehicle accidents are to do with too much alcohol consumption. About million people are injured in car crashes that are related to driving under the influence of alcohol ever year. 100,000 of these people suffer from serious injuries. Just about 2000 people every day get injured because of alcohol related car accidents. The consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol cost the US taxpayers about 24 billion dollars a year. Alcoholics usually are poor in performing their job’s tasks and families of alcoholics suffer from serious emotional issues.

Avoid Alcohol Consumption during Pregnancy

Consuming alcohol during pregnancy has serious consequences for both mother and baby. Alcohol consumption increases the chances of miscarriage and birth defects.


When the mother drinks alcohol, the toxic substances of alcohol disable the fetus nervous system. The fetus liver also tries to digest alcohol but since the liver isn’t fully developed the alcohol stays in fetal circulation.

Women who drink alcohol during pregnancy usually give birth to babies with lower weights. The brains of these babies are smaller than normal babies and these kids are more likely to suffer from mental retardation or disorder and become hyperactive children with learning disabilities. Some children might also suffer from heart or kidney defects. Even moderate consumption of alcohol especially in the first three to four month of pregnancy can increase the chances of miscarriage and birth defects.



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