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10 Reasons why @OrganicLiveFood is being attacked and demonized by pro-GMO crowd

OrganicLiveFood is often the recipient of personal and baseless attacks by individuals who would prefer that we stop disclosing facts and the truth regarding how some corporations are killing American people slowly with GMO and pesticides. We thank all those that attack us with personal demonization. You make us stronger and give us more incentive to fight for the American people and never give up representing their side against the big giant rich bullying corporations who think they deserve the right to pollute and contaminate our planet to increase their profits, even more.

1.Exposing the truth about GMO foods and pesticide ridden foods


We get attacked quite often, after we post articles about the harms and side effects of genetically modified foods or pesticide ridden foods. We are always interested in logic and science and we’ve tried to communicate with these angry individuals rationally in the past but often times the discussions have turned in non-sense arguments and baseless accusations and their anger turns into profanity. Then some of our supporters get involved to defend us and that is when we get accused of all kinds of absurdity like having either “paid” supporters to fight back on our behalf or being one of those supporters ourselves, i.e. hiding behind different identities. Both of these (and other) accusations are quite absurd and juvenile to say the least. We cannot control the anger of what some of our supporters feel towards the baseless attacks by the GMO crowd against our articles. But this is hard to understand by the GMO crowd who prefer angry verbal attacks and highly conspicuous accusations. They think others are like themselves, which belies among many of their long list of incorrect conclusions.

2. Being called “unethical” for promoting organic sustainable living

It’s amazing that the most ethical thing on the planet which is “healthy and organic sustainable living” is called “unethical” by the same group of people who are financial beneficiaries of pesticides, chemicals and all the horrible toxic ingredients in our food and water supply. Umm, interesting. Is it unethical of @organiclivefood to suggest that people should eat more organic broccoli and blueberries and by all means boycott the food products of big agribusinesses to avoid cancer, obesity, heart disease or diabetes?

3. Being accused of having shares in organic companies like grapeseed oil

@OrganicLiveFood does not have shares in ANY company – since these crowds accuse us of being biased about organic products including grapeseed oil because “apparently” we have shares in those companies. They could not be more wrong. In our opinion, organic grapeseed oil is one of the best and healthiest oils for cooking. Click here to read more

4. Being accused of makers or promoters of colloidal silver


We are not promoters of Colloidal Silver, we're not makers of it, or sellers, and we do not benefit - IN ANY WAY, SHAPE, or FORM - from discussing it in our blog. We do have experience with it however. In 2004, a close friend's mother was dying from colorectal (colon) cancer and was told that she has 2 months to live. We suggested the use of Colloidal Silver to her and bought her a 5 gallon Colloidal Silver and she takes the recommended measures every day since 2004 and she is still alive. We have made similar suggestions to friends and family members on other occasions and in every single case, our experience with this product was positive. We simply share our experience with others. We have never received any financial compensation from any company for suggesting this product to our friends and family members.

Now, there are a few so called "respected" doctors who may suggest that Colloidal Silver is not effective, well, I have about 20 very well respected doctor friends and we get together 2 times a week and talk about nutrition and health and they admit themselves (every single one of them) that they don't know much about nutrition or supplements, and they have not been trained formally on nutrition. Med schools do not teach nutritional health to pre-med students. Also, I always recommend to people to go to their own doctors and ask them if they should take Colloidal Silver - and in every case people have come back and told us that their doctor was supportive of their patients' alternative treatment to see if it works or not and none, that we know of, have ever warned their patients against taking Colloidal products, including Silver.

Regarding FDA and their recommendations, well, there are many of FDA recommendations which they pulled back from when they discovered that they were wrong, in fact it happens so often that makes me wonder. I admit that FDA does some good, keeps some dangerous stuff away from public by banning it, specially man made drugs. But I disagree with their opinion on many areas such as colloidal silver for antibiotic, colloidal platinum for fighting cancer tumors, and their war against raw milk. Raw milk, banned by FDA, is the absolute nonsense that almost every country on the planet laughs at U.S. and FDA and even in this country many people laugh at the stupidity of banning raw milk. Humans have been drinking raw milk from cows for thousands of years.

As far as the” blue man fraud” story, the guy with blue face drank "home-made" (yes, made by himself) chemcially processed (rather than electronic plasma seperation and suspention in distilled water) AND, was applying it directly (not just drinking) to his face, while drinking gallons and gallons of it. One of the most essential minerals for the body is calcium but if you take calcium supplements by the bucket loads, your body absorbs little of other essential minerals and after a while the excess caclium remains in your blood stream and turns into plague and you would get blocked arteries and die of a cardiac complication. Let's be reasonable and understand that even good things need to be taken in moderation and not in excess.


Also the guy was drinking 100 times more than what's recommended daily – AND – he did this for a long period of time to get rid of arthritis which HE DID, get rid of. When he was initially asked on TV in a 2004 interview, during Breakfast America program, if he regrets taking silver, he replied "No, I don’t regret it at all, even if my skin color has changed because the pain of arthritis was so much worse before taking ionic silver and now I don't have pain". That's the exact quote of him and you can check it on the internet. Now his story has changed with his fame and he says that he probably should not have taken so much. But the MAIN point is that he was drinking "home-made" silver (100 times the recommended dose) which doesn't get dissolved out of your system in a few days - AND, he was applying it to his skin as well - loads and loads of it.

I myself have had colloidal silver for YEARS (since 2003), about 1 teaspoon each morning and my skin color never changed.

5. Being accused of not having scientific evidences about GMO articles

Our articles are all based of resources and scientific evidences and the resources are all enclosed in the articles… but I guess the GMO crowds are more interested in manipulating the truth and questioning any research that isn’t aligned with the message of the PR of big food corporations. Instead of acknowledging that the articles have scientific sources, they completely change the conversation into false accusatory finger pointing rather than a rational discussion among mature people on the effects and potential consequences of GMO and how it harms new born babies, children, pregnant women, elderly and those with weakened immune system.


6. Accusing organic living of a fetish life style

Yes, ignorance is a bless! Avoiding a painful death or expensive medical bills and prescription drugs by pursuing a healthy life style is called a “fetish” by these so called anti-anti-GMO crowds. To them, apparently organic sustainable living is a fetish life style while 1 in 3 kids born after the year 2000 are either obese or seriously overweight. The fact is that our kids are now developing type II diabetes (because of food monopoly, profiteering and politics) and at the same time Monsanto donates millions of dollars to diabetic research centers across the county for getting our kids hooked on drugs and more chemicals that caused those kids health problems at the first place.

7. Manipulating and bashing the truth by attacking @organiclivefood for EXPOSING the TRUTH

We all know that the big 8 pesticide companies are also the biggest pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies. Hmmm…I wonder why these crowds go almost psychotic when it comes to benefits of colloidal silver and herbs instead of synthetic antibiotics or eating healthy organic foods instead of toxic pesticides and GM foods.
Could be that those that accuse us of promoting healthy lifestyle because of our “apparent” shares in some companies are actually themselves promoting GMO because they have shares in big pesticide, biotech and Pharmaceutical Co?

8. GMO crowds would even create fake accounts posting anti-GMO comments and accuse @organiclivefood for being involved in order to get more publicity


Interestingly, these crowds are capable of anything. They have multiple fake accounts and they even attack their own accounts by pretending that @organiclivefood is behind such attacks. Let me inform all those concerned, that we simply do not have the TIME to devote to such endeavors, even if we were so inclined.

9. Accusing @organicclivefood of misrepresenting facts about GM foods even if it meant using disgusting rude language, bullying, profanity or even threats

Sometimes the arguments get ugly and we have to remind these crowds that all that disgusting rude language and bullying won’t stop us from discussing and exposing the truth about pesticide and GM foods. We have to remind these people often that all ideas or comments are protected by FREEDOM OF SPEECH, recognized as human right under Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as stated in international human rights law in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. And the fact is that, if they have the right to poison, we have the right to talk about it.

10. Being accused of posting deceptive pictures and false cartoons

Beside our articles, we post many pictures and cartoons to show what’s truly wrong with our food supply. It’s amazing that these GM crowds are all supportive of Coca Cola, Monsanto’s Roundup or PepsiCo ads but when it comes to organic pictures, they feel the ads are deceptive and misrepresentative of the truth.

I guess they really like to play the reverse-reverse psychology game and that’s when you accuse the other side of doing something crazy and immoral when you are the one who is portraying all the immoral things that you accuse others of – in order to avoid being accused of it in the first place. Yes, a mind twister but some people/companies do anything for profiteering.

You, and everybody else, have most certainly seen those TV ads for prescription drug by pharmaceutical companies in such calm manner, loving couple, beautiful backgrounds and waterfalls – while they describe the side effects of those drugs as depression, suicide thoughts, liver damage, kidney disease, heart attack, asthma, internal bleeding, allergies or even death!  Ironically to the GMO supporting crowd such ads by the big giant food Co and big pharma are not deceptive and there is nothing wrong or immoral with them. However, they have no problem for calling @organiclivefood deceptive for posting pictures that show the value of organic sustainable living and the horror, pain and misery that comes with consuming pesticide and GM foods.



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