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10 recommendations for taking care of a child with ADD/ADHD

1. Many researchers believe that the right nutritional diet and adding right nutritional supplements can treat and even eliminate ADD/ADHD symptoms. Include 50% to 75% raw organic fruits and vegetables and avoid all dairy, processed foods, junk foods and foods with pesticides or GMOs.

Click here for more info about diet recommendation of kids with ADD/ADJD


2. Heavy metal toxicity has been linked to behavioral problems, so it's important to do a hair analysis for heavy metal toxicity. Vaccines have been linked to ADD/ADHD and autism because of mercury content and other toxins in them. Avoid Teflon and other non-stick pans or pots that can contaminate your food with aluminum.

Top 5 recommendations for getting rid of heavy metals like fluoride, lead or mercury (in your body)

3. The prescription medication methylphenidate (Ritalin) is one the most prescribed medicine for hyperactivity. Researchers have found out that this medication can cause long term side effects including weight loss, insomnia, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, increased irritability and intolerance and possibility of developing Parkinson's disease.

Other prescription medications including dextroamphetamine and pemoline should be used as secondary medications since they can cause liver damage.

4. Since the medications for treating ADD/ADHD have many harmful side effects, many parents and health experts are looking for other alternatives such as diet, helpfull vitamins and supplements, herbal remedies and counseling for reducing or even eliminating ADD/ADHD.

5. Some studies have discovered that yeast byproducts can be toxic to kids with ADD/ADHD. Also the studies show that the urine of kids with ADD/ADHD contains other harmful bacteria, so taking good probiotics might be helpful.

6. Kids with ADD/ADHD have a higher risk of growing up as adults with more relationship and career problems, depression, alcoholism and behavioral problems.

7. Herbal and nutritional supplements can also help kids with ADD/ADHD. Low levels of calcium and magnesium can cause hyperactivity and seizures. And with 90% of Americans having magnesium deficiency it's important to consume foods high in magnesium like organic raw cacao beans.

8. Seek therapy and find an expert in behavioral problems and attention deficit disorder to help you build techniques you need to know for dealing with ADD/ADHD.


9. Fish oil or wild sockeye salmon are great source of omega 3 fatty acids and hexanoic acid (AHD) that can help to promote proper brain formation, improve parts of brain for learning, reasoning and memory, increase intelligence and eyesight and reduce depression. Also wild salmon is a great source of vitamin B12 necessary for children and breastfeeding mothers. But make sure to avoid high-mercury containing fish and farmed fish.

Click Here to find more about low-mercury and high-mercury containing fish and farmed fish

10. If you are a parent of a child with ADD/ADHD you deserve lots of credit. Taking care of a child with ADD/ADHD is not an easy task and sometimes it's very emotionally difficult as well as time consuming. No matter how difficult it is to deal with a child with behavioral problems, it's important to keep in mind that your child is dealing with psychological disability and because of this they often time feel ashamed or confused. These kids are very likely to have lower self esteem when they grow up. Therefore, these kids need lots of love, support, affection, and encouragement from their parents and everyone around them.

Be aware that too much of a good thing can also cause problems so it's important to take right supplements that contain balanced minerals and vitamins. Some of the supplements that can help ADD/ADHD are Grapeseed Extract (a great source of antioxidants), Powerful antioxidant like Pycnogenol (can promote brain function), valerian root extract (has shown so side effect for ADD/ADHD), Ginkgo biloba (improves blood supply to brain and nerve function) and colloidal gold (can improve focus and concentration as well as hand-to-eye coordination).

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