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Effective Home & Herbal Remedies


In this section of Seattle organic restaurants, I want to provide you with useful information about effective herbal and home remedies and tips on how you could turn your kitchen into a medicine cabinet.

Here are the top recommendations:

If you are coming down with cold, try ginger tea and vitamin C. Drinking ginger tea helps to prevent cold and phlegm build up. If you have sinus congestion, inhaling the steam of thyme leaves can be very effective. Thyme can help to clear sinus passage and congestion.

If you have bladder infection or are experiencing its early symptoms such as going to bathroom frequently or having pain when urinating, you should try parsley tea. For making parsley tea, you should add a cup of fresh parsley into the hot boiling water. Cover the lid and leave it for 15 min. Your parsley tea is ready after straining the drink.

Keep in mind that no matter how often you exercise, eat healthy food or how much rest and sleep you get, herbal supplements can improve your overall health and well-being. Herbs and some spices can increase your energy, improve your immune system, reduce the risk of heart problems, clean your liver and reduce joint inflammation. Before using herbs consult with your health care professional, especially if you have other chronic disease. If you started having problems such as fever symptoms, rash, allergies, nausea or headaches, stop using herbs immediately.

Here are some effective herbal and homemade remedies:

Lapacho: Lapacho has compounds called napthoquinones with antibiotic properties. Lapacho prevents flues, colds, and fungal infections. Lapacho can improve health by boosting energy level, stimulating liver enzymes and removing toxins from the blood. In Brazil, lapacho is used for treating skin cancer and leukemia. Recent studies suggest that lapacho can also fight against breast cancer.

Milk Thistle: Milk Thistle is really good for your liver; it can also boost the level of liver enzymes and fasten the generation of damaged liver tissues.

Echinacea: Echinacea neutralizes microorganism invasion and boosts the level of white blood cells. Research shows that echinacea prevents viruses, bacteria and fungal infections.

Gingerroot: Gingerroot is great for treating nausea, motion sickness, flue, constipation and diarrhea.

Garlic: Garlic helps to lower the level of cholesterol and can reduce the chances of fatty deposits in the blood blocking the arteries. Garlic can effectively reduce the chances of heart problems and boost the immune system by increasing the level of T-cells. Garlic also has sulfur and is a great anti-inflammatory.


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