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10 Facts you should know about Autism

#1: Researchers suggest that autistic people should eliminate all dairy products, processed, packaged and canned foods, pesticide ridden foods, sodas and certain foods like strawberries and citrus fruits since they can affect the sensitive immune system of an individual with autism. A wide range of problems including nausea, whining, headaches, aggression and depression can be magnified by these foods.

#2: A hormone found in pancreas, liver and upper intestinal tract called “secretin” has been tested for years for evaluation of intestinal problems. Based on the Center for the Study of Autism taking secretin has reportedly shown significant improvement in almost 200 autistic individuals in the US. However, based on the center the use of secretin for treating autism is still under study.

#3: Autistic children will benefit from vitamin B6, B12, C and magnesium as well as other nutrients vital to biochemical reactions in the body. In a series number of studies, autistic children had also gastrointestinal problems including celiac disease and others. These studies suggest that autistic kids might have leaky gut syndrome that makes them unable to absorb essential nutrients efficiently. Here are the studies on how GMOs are related to gastrointestinal problems and how American diet (GMOs and pesticide ridden foods) might be fueling autism.

#4: Pro and pre-biotics can reduce the inflammation of gut and increase the number of healthy gut bacteria. Include anti-inflammatory foods including kale, celery, cabbage, broccoli, pineapple, onions and herbs in your kid’s diet. 

#5: High levels of serum, tissue copper and excessive exposure to lead and mercury could also contribute to autism. Avoid vaccines and most processed foods (made with high fructose corn syrup) that have mercury.

#6: Researchers have also discovered the presence of abnormal protein levels in urine of autistic individuals. They also suggest that this protein might have to do with inability of the body to break down certain dietary proteins into amino acids. These proteins are found in wheat, barley, oats, cow’s milk and foods with gluten. Studies suggest that when parents remove these foods from their children’s diet they notice positive changes in health and behavior of their child.

#7: The beginning of puberty can be a very difficult time for autistic children and many might experience severe behavioral problems and almost 20% of autistic kids experience seizures during puberty due to hormonal changes.


#8: Four famous infant formulas have high amount of GMO soy in them. Breastfeeding is the best diet for the infants but if the mother doesn’t have enough milk and has to use processed baby foods, it’s important to avoid GMO corn and soy products and switch to organic. Babies who are fed processed baby foods need supplemental vitamins and minerals to make sure that they get enough nutrients.

#9: Proper diet and exercise can be used as medicine for autistic children. Remove all allergen from your child’s diet and use organic raw foods and anti-inflammatory foods to improve digestion and absorption of nutrients. Make green smoothies and include cleansing herbs and spices.

#10: Childhood autism might be linked to deficiency in fatty acids. A research by University of Stirling showed how children with autism have cells that can break fatty acids much faster than normal. It’s important to include foods high in omega 3 fatty acids in the diet of your kid including wild sockeye salmon, flaxseed, nuts and avocado. Fish oil from wild salmon (not farmed fish) can help to promote proper brain formation, increase intelligence, reduce depression and is a great source of vitamin B12 for breastfeeding mothers, growing children and kids with autism.



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