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Bee Superfood

The knowledge and understanding of the health benefits of bee superfoods goe back to 5500 B.C. in Egypt. The Babylonians used bee superfoods as medicine and the Indians used them for their religious ceremonies.


Royal Jelly: Royal Jelly is where the queen bee lives; the queen usually lives 40 times longer than the worker bees. Royal Jelly is a rich source of nutrients, vitamins such as vitamin B5, A, C, D, E and K, minerals, and 18 amino acids. Royall Jelly is a great source of nutrients for healthy skin and hair, treating stress, fatigue and insomnia.

Bee pollen: The flower pollen is called bee pollen where bees collect their foods and form it into granules. Bee pollen has many health benefits such as helping you to lose weight by regulating metabolism and enhancing the body’s immune system. Bee pollen is a complete superfood and has seven times more protein than meat. Bee pollen is great for people recovering from illnesses and is a great source of energy and nutrition for athletes. Bee pollen is also anti-allergic and can fight against sinusitis and hay fever. Bee pollen can slow down aging process and improve both mental and physical well being.


Propolis: The royal jelly is a source of food for the queen and the baby bees. Bees make propolis by mixing resin and balsams from trees combined with live enzymes and saliva to glue hives together. Propolis is and antibiotic and an antibacterial. Even bees use propolis as medicine.

Honey: Honey is made by the bees from flowers nectar. Honey has great sweet taste with many health benefits. Honey cleanses the body and is a great antioxidant with anti-cancerous properties. For many centuries honey has been known for healing diseases such as sore throats, colds and flues, insomnia, allergies and improving cuts and burns. Honey is antibacterial, energizer and can boost the body’s immune system.  


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