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Top 20 Herbals and Natural Remedies that you Should Carry When you are Traveling outside the US

Here are the lists of the most effective herbals and natural remedies that can heal minor sicknesses and irritations:

1. Lemon Essential Oil: Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from lemons and a great source of antioxidants. Lemon essential oil could be very refreshing in water, beneficial for skin and helpful for mental fatigue.

2. Arnica Gel or Cream: Arnica gel is created from Arnica plant and flowers. Arnica gel is anti-inflammatory and improves circulation. The gel shouldn’t be taken or applied into broken skin. The cream relieves bruises, muscle pains and strains.


3. Valerian Tincture: Valerian tincture is a great herbal medicine useful for improving stress, hyperactivity disorder, gastrointestinal distress, tension and insomnia.

4. Lavender Essential Oil: Lavender essential oil has sedative properties that can help to improve anxiety, insomnia, burns, headaches and wounds. Lavender essential oil has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties.

5. Aloe Vera gel: Aloe Vera is a very well known herbal remedy that was first used in China for its healing properties. Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and helps to prevent cancer, sunburns and mild kitchen burns. Aloe vera can be used as a moisturizer for hair and skin.

6. Calendula/Comfrey Salve: Calendula has great anti-bacteria and anti-inflammatory properties and helps to heal cuts and wounds. This well known “comfort” herb can also be used as a moisturizer for scrapes, tired feet, and diaper rash .

7. Ginger Capsules/ Ginger Powder: Ginger capsules are high source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and have great anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea and gas-relieving properties. Ginger capsules are great for improving motion sickness, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), arthritis, high cholesterol, cardiovascular health and digestion.

8. Eleuthero Standardized Extract: Eleuthero standardized extract is an herbal supplement that can be used to improve stress, anxiety and jet lag.

9. Chamomile: chamomile is one of the best herbal remedies for treating stress, insomnia, relaxation, improving indigestion, bowel inflammation, heartburns and menstrual cramps.

10. Elderberry Capsules/ Liquid Extract: Elderberry or liquid extract was first used by Native Americans to treat infections. Elderberry capsules can prevent and shorten the duration of colds and flu. Elderberry can heal infections like skin rashes, sinus infection and acne and is a great remedy for constipation.

11. Peppermint Essential Oil/ Tea Bags: Peppermint essential oil can be used to improve common cold, itching, insect bites, and congestion. Peppermint essential oil can kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

12. Goldenseal Capsules/ Powder: Goldenseal capsules are herbal remedies that have antibacterial, antibiotic and therapeutic properties. Goldenseal capsules could also improve rashes, skin problems and can be used for healing wounds.

13. Eucalyptus Essential Oil: Eucalyptus essential oil has great antibiotic properties and can improve arthritis, colds, flues, fever, headaches, sinus infections, poor circulations and coughing.

14. Echinacea Liquid Extract: Echinacea liquid extract can improve the immune system, can help infections and can be used externally to heal cuts, wounds and burns.


15. Herbal insect repellent: Herbal insect repellent is the best natural bug repellent that can protect your skin against insects or mosquito’s bite.

16. Grindelia Poison Ivy Treatment: Grindelia helps to relieve the pain and skin rashes caused by poisonous plants like oak or ivy.

17. Witch Hazel Extract: Witch hazel extract has great anti-inflammatory properties and is very useful for skin irritations and insect bites.

18. Boswellia: Boswellia is a great anti-inflammatory herbal remedy and can be used for treating arthritis.

19. Cayenne Capsules: Cayenne capsules can promote weight loss; improve blood circulation, cold, indigestion, heart function and cardiovascular health.

20. Thyme Essential Oil: Thyme essential oil is great for treating colds, flues, insect bites, muscle pains, poor circulation and dermatitis.


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