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We are SeattleOrganicRestaurants.com, an advocacy group with 110,000+ devoted and highly involved community members as well as 125,000+ engaged twitter followers. Our articles and community interactions provide highly essential health information regarding organic food and organically made products, nutritional facts and data for improving health and well-being, a wealth of knowledge on vegan, raw foods, superfoods, herbals, and tips and latest research studies on fighting obesity, malnutrition, and a range of other health and nutritional choices.

We also promote healthy food options in restaurants that offer diners a wide range of choices from organic salads, to vegan and high-nutrition dishes.
Our website is one of the most popular websites dedicated to the natural and organic living with more than 100,000+ unique visitors per month (500,000+ page views) and followed by some of the most recognized industry leaders, TV personalities, and online nutritional magazines and advocates.

Come join our community to get the current info on restaurants, deals, coupons, specials, as well as the latest on healthy food options, nutrition, and so much more.


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