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Despite a French court ruling, France continues to ban GMOs and why French kids don’t have ADHD

Despite a recent ruling by a French court that undermines the government’s ban on cultivation of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn, the French government has extended its current moratorium on GMO MON810 corn.

France was one of the first few countries that imposed a ban on cultivation of Monsanto’s genetically modified corn and the use of Monsanto’s rBGH growth hormones in livestock. In fact, France has zero tolerance policy for using hormones and chemicals and rejected to buy cows from US during George Bush presidency. US retaliated by increasing steel import tariff’s during GATT talks to punish the French government and accused them of being anti-American. Today, bovine growth hormones are banned in many countries throughout Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel and France itself with exception of United States.

Monsanto GMO agent orange

No act of rebellion against the pesticide empire remains unrewarded

Demonization and tough sanctions are the rewards of the pesticide empire for those who exercise their international right and freedom and wish to protect their agricultural heritage against the tyranny of a multibillion dollar Frankenfood companies that dominate most of the world food supply.

One would wonder why the dreadful system of international exploitation and colonialism wouldn’t leave other countries alone to live their lives based on their own aspiration.

In fact, the policies of Winston Churchill are the policies of today’s corporate America in a sense that the super power has the divine right to invade other countries, steal their history and national heritage and dehumanize their people. Those who don’t follow the will of the Empire’s multibillion dollar toxic producing Frankenfood companies are subjected to constant demonization and are regarded as “backward”, “anti-American”, “enemies of the States” or not “progressive” societies.

"Why did we impose the moratorium on GMOs? Not because we do not want progress, but in the name of progress. We cannot accept a maize product that may have adverse effects on other [agricultural] production," said François Hollande, speaking from a farm in the region of Sarlat.

Wake up America. Your dinner is banned in 30 other countries:

While most countries in EU have banned GMOs or required GMO labeling, the pesticide and biotech companies spent $46 million against the will of 90% of ALL Americans to keep GMOs hidden in our food supply.

Monsanto and their thugs also discredit and undermine the scientific studies that question the safety of “Frankenfoods” and demonize those who fight for food transparency or expose the truth about GMOs. Click here to find out how GMO activists and scientists are under attack by Frankenfood companies.

Unlike American kids, French kids don’t have ADHD:


According to psychologytoday.com, the French kids do not need to take medication to control their behavior and “In the United States, at least 9% of school-aged children have been diagnosed with ADHD, and are taking pharmaceutical medications. In France, the percentage of kids diagnosed and medicated for ADHD is less than 5%.”

Unlike what the biotech and pesticide companies claim, the truth is that “food matters” and many kids have behavioral problems and difficultly in learning and focusing because of malnutrition and use of drugs.

While the French doctors prefer to look for underlying issues that’s causing a health epidemic, the so called doctors in US have sold their soul to the pharmaceutical companies and see their patients as a dollar sign. In fact, the big 6 pesticide companies are also the biggest biotech companies and biggest pharmaceutical companies.

Most of the byproducts of the giant chemical companies are recycled back into our food, air and water supply. There are many harmful additives and preservatives that are banned in many advanced countries even Canada, with exception of USA. Click here to find more about the lists of products banned in many countries.

Also, studies show that the behavioral problems of children have worsened after eating artificial additives, preservatives and allergens. Click here to find out how Allergies are on the rise because of Chemicals Used to Chlorinate Tap Water and GMO crops.







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