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South Korea joins Japan in banning the imports of US wheat

The price of Monsanto’s share dropped by 4% as South Korea joins Japan in banning US wheat after USDA announcement about the contamination of US commercially grown wheat with Monsanto’s genetically Modified wheat.

This is happening when South Korea bought almost half of its wheat from US last year, but this year they have put a halt on purchasing GMO wheat until they run more tests on Monsanto’s wheat.

South Korea joins Japan in banning the imports of US wheat

Gene Grabowski, an executive vice president of Levick said that this is an embarrassment for Monsanto and also mentioned that in board meetings, the CEOs of food companies are very concerned about Monsanto’s genetically modified wheat and corn.

However, in US, Monsanto is still cultivating GMO wheat in Hawaii and North Dakota and more than 80% of corn, soybean and cotton crops in US are genetically modified.

Frank Mitsch, an analyst from Wells Fargo said that GM technology is very important for Monsanto and almost 75% of the company’s profit comes from genetically modified crops. He also mentioned that GM crops aren’t only widespread in US, but also in other countries including Latin America, Brazil and Argentina.


Political Corruption of Monsanto

In the last few years, there have been widespread protests about GM foods and as a matter of fact, on May 25th, more than 2 million people worldwide protested against Monsanto and GM foods. http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-food/march-against-Monsanto-politicians-paid-monsanto.php

Also 90% of Americans agree that genetically modified foods should be labeled, however, the US lawmakers in Congress last week failed to support a farm bill that will mandate GMO labeling laws in different states.

Among the US law makers is Senator Debbie Stabenow who has aggressively been working against the interest of the American public and as a matter of fact, just in 2012 she received $570,515 donation from the giant agribusinesses. 

In 2011, Monsanto lobbied Congress and Department of Agriculture to deregulate GMO alfalfa despite the massive outcry from the American public and the organic industry.  

However, Debbie saluted the decision of the Department of Agriculture to deregulate GMO alfalfa and she said in a statement that “Alfalfa was one of nearly two dozen genetically modified crops awaiting USDA evaluation and approval — a bottlenecked process that hinders growth and progress”.

Not only does Debbie Stabenow pushes for approval of new GMO crops, she also believes that GMO labeling runs counter to science and the public interest in healthy food. “This particular amendment would interfere with the FDA’s science-based process to determine what food labeling is necessary for consumers,” Debbie said.

GMO ban Japan South Korea

“It’s also important to note that around the world now we are seeing genetically modified crops that have the ability to resist crop diseases and improve nutritional content and survive drought conditions in many developing countries,” she added. “We see wonderful work being done by foundations like the Gates Foundation and others, which are using new techniques to be able to feed hungry people,” she said, although it was not clear how labeling would affect such efforts.

Yet, one would wonder if according to Debbie GMOs are all that great and wonderful why not label them and call them “proudly made with GMOs”?

However Debbie along with many other US lawmakers fails to see that Monsanto’s crops have not been feeding the world hunger but Monsanto’s shareholders. In fact, there are still as many hungry people in the world (may be even more) as they were before the introduction of GM crops. The hunger in some parts of the world is a result of corruption not shortage in food supply. http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-foods/fact-checking-gmo-foods/

Organic sustainable agriculture can perfectly feed everyone as it has been all these years, since the birth of the good earth.

What US lawmakers like Debbie Stabenow call “growth and progress”, others call economic destruction and decline

The export of US wheat and corn has drastically declined in the last few years since many European countries have banned the import of GM wheat and corn from US.

As a result of decline in US export of wheat and corn, many US farmers are now at high risk of losing their farms and going through bankruptcy.

But in America, recently, 71 members of the House voted no on mandating GMO labeling while more than 60 countries have required GMO labeling and 27 countries have banned GMOs.

However, like any other issue, the US lawmakers are out of touch with the reality of today’s world and how GMOs are being rejected in most places outside the US. They even fail to see that more than 90% of the American public demand GMO labeling but because Monsanto can afford to pay for their campaigns, they vote "NO" against the will of 90% of all Americas. http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-food/march-against-Monsanto-politicians-paid-monsanto.php#MonsantoRepresentative 

The truth is that, many countries have realized that GMO crops are a recipe for Global Famine and destruction. However, reckless approval of GMO crops, corruption of the existing judiciary system and Monsanto’s aggressive and ruthless policies to push organic farmers out of business are driving America into economic decline and destruction. http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-food/Monsanto-corruption-gmo.php#farmers





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