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Studies Show that GMO wheat can silence or even permanently damage human genes

A new row of genetically modified wheat is developed by Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) in Australia. However, the studies show that this new GMO wheat may silence and even permanently damage human genes and result in serious health problems.

In a research study, Professor Jack Heinemann from the University of Canterbury showed that the new molecules created in GMO wheat changes the carbohydrates content that are also similar to human genes and can match them and silence or even permanently damage human genes.


According to digitaljournal.com, the biochemist and the director of the Institute of Health and Environmental Research (IHER) at Flinders University in Australia, Judy Carman claimed that “If this silences the same gene in us that it silences in the wheat -- well, children who are born with this enzyme not working tend to die by the age of about five”.

Both University Professors Judy Carman and Jack Heinemann have asked CSIRO to release more information and long-term studies on this new GMO wheat. They have also warned that if CSIRO decides to move forward with this new GM wheat without long term studies, they would take legal action against them.

In his research Dr Heinemann has released over 700 pages report on how the genes in GM wheat match the human genes which can silence or permanently damage them. He also insists that long term studies are required before this new GMO wheat is released into the environment and food chain.  

The University Professor Judy Carman also mentions how the new genetic modification in wheat can get absorbed in human body and make significant changes in the way we store carbohydrates and glucose and that can cause serious health consequences. The glycogen in the body is required to maintain everyday’s normal activities like waking up, walking or running. She stated that the new GM gene that’s turned off in wheat can silence our genes and kids by the age of five may die and adults can get more and more tired and have less energy until they get really sick.

Greenpeace-protestors-destroyed-a-GMO-test-field-trialsThis has made many environmentalists and health activists really angry in Australia. According to cosmosmagazine.com, the Greenpeace protestors destroyed a GMO test field trials operated by CSIRO back in 2011.

Laura Kelly who does campaigns for Greenpeace Australia Pacific said that “the EU, Russia, and even North America have rejected GM wheat because it hasn’t been proven to be safe but CSIRO is in denial and in bed with foreign biotech companies”.

Apparently the researchers at CSIRO who care more about profit than human’s health were very frustrated by the attack so were the protestors among them many mothers who are concerned about the safety of their children.

Many of the protestors are now charged for destruction of private property. Many protestors were hoping that destroying GM fields will force their government to take a serious action against GM foods. However, according to a University Professor under the current Australian law, they could also be charged for terrorism which is interpreted as an act of criminal violence intended to persuade the government for an ideological purpose.


Greenpeace Report_Australia's Wheat Scandal


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