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Holiday Travel Alert and Chikungunya Virus

We are in the height of summer and folks are traveling within the US and abroad. Global travel has given regional sickness wings the ability to spread far and wide in a short amount of time. There are a few odd health things to report on the travel radar. There is a disease being spread by the Tiger Mosquito called chikungunya (chicken-gunja). This virus is invading parts of the US. Let’s find out what can you do to protect yourself from this health threat ... Seattle Restaurants



Food Items can have 180 more times fluoride than tap water and the role of Edward Bernays in influencing and manipulating the public opinion

More than 60% of US water supplies are fluorinated and about 170 million Americans drink fluorinated water on a daily basis. Although most people believe that tap water and toothpastes are the main sources of their exposure to fluoride, the fluoride expert, Jeff Green believes otherwise. Jeff Green who has been protesting and studying about the side effects of fluoride on body for the last 15 years says that non-organic produce are sprayed with pesticides that have high levels of fluoride in them ... Seattle Restaurants


Anxiety or Heart Attack?

Patients and sometimes physicians have a hard time telling if someone is suffering from a panic attack or a heart attack. How can you tell if that squeezing or pressure you feel in the chest is a panic attack and you need to breathe into a paper bag? Or if it is actually a heart attack and warrants a trip to the ER? Let’s find out. A combination of symptoms can confuse people such as if you feel lightheaded, have a headache while taking deep breaths and you feel chest pain; but then it goes away ... Seattle Restaurants



Drug Addiction and the War on Drugs

There is a serious addiction in the US involving hundreds of thousands of people who rely on substance addictions to numb their emotions. More people are using prescription and over the counter aids to escape reality and dull physical and emotional pain. Staying numb is costing US employers $122 billion annually with lost productivity and sick days. Add another $15 billion for medical insurance premiums. Is there a better way to deal with life and to get rid of addictions? Let’s find out ...drug-addiction-war



Scientists believe that GMO salmon can breed with trout and harm the ecosystem

The Canadian biotech corporation called AquaBounty has spent the last 17 years on developing a type of GM salmon that grows in half time of the wild salmon. However, scientists warn that GMO salmon can breed with wild trout and harm the environment and other species. The GM salmon is right now in the queue of USDA waiting for approval, however the researchers have conducted studies that suggests GM salmon could mate with wild trout and result in escape of some animals into the river and streams ... Seattle Restaurants



10 Facts you should know about breastfeeding and nursing mothers and infant formulas

Breastmilk is produced from protein in your diet or protein stored in your body. Breastfeeding mothers should increase their protein intake to lose body fat and not muscle. The best source of protein for breastfeeding mothers and growing children is the lowest mercury fish “wild sockeye salmon”. Wild sockeye salmon is a great source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, in particular the docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that helps with proper brain formation, increase eyesight and stronger nerves and reduce depression ... 5-ways-increase-fertility



The US Supreme Court rules against patenting human genes and how all superpowers fall

The Supreme Court in the United States finally ruled that human genes cannot be patented. The ruling was related to thousands of patents that are already held by companies like Myriad genetics on human genes. The patents were challenged by scientific community members who believed that their ability to help their patients and perform more research was compromised by corporations who have patent on human genes ... supreme-court-breast-ovarian-cancer-patent-human-genes



Toxic pesticides and chemicals in cigarettes and how 90% of tobaccos in US are GMO. And, find out how the father of modern propaganda “Edward Bernays” campaigned on the behalf of the tobacco industry, for American women to take up smoking as an act of feminist liberation

As if smoking by itself wasn’t bad enough, researchers have found up to 4,000 chemicals and pesticides inside cigarettes. Also, new studies show that up to 90% of tobaccos in US are being genetically modified. If you are a smoker you should know that recently, scientists have been able to insert the genes of bacteria from other plants into the DNA of tobacco seeds ... pesticides-chemical-GMO-in-cigarettes-tabacco



Crohn’s disease, diet and recommendations and find out if milk can cause Crohn’s disease?

Crohn’s disease is an inflammatory bowel disorder that mostly affects the lower portion of the small intestine but it can also affect other parts of the digestive tract. The inflammation caused by crohn’s disease extends into the lining of the intestinal wall that can result in diarrhea, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, nausea, fever, weight loss and loss of appetite. People with crohn’s disease mostly suffer from nutritional deficiencies ... crohns-disease-diet-milk-dairy



Department of Agriculture rejects banning the neonicotinoid pesticides that’s related to colony collapse of bees

In the last few years, sudden disappearance of bees has concerned many environmentalists and farmers, since one third of the world food supply directly depend on bees. According to CBS news, the commercial beekeeper James Doan said that “Every day and you'll look and you'll see 100 to 200 bees dead in front of the hive. Maybe even to the point of 40 to 50,000 bees laying out in the front of the hive, which is not normal." He also mentioned that ”people need to really be aware that bees are so important, not just for honey production, but for pollination in the United States." ... Seattle Restaurants



Government cover-up and the truth and lies about Thimerosal (mercury Preservative in vaccines) and its link with autism. Once again power and greed wins the majority vote in Washington and the medical industry

In the year 2000, the private Simpsonwood CDC conference was held by a group of top government scientists and health officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dug and Food Administration, the top vaccine specialist from the World Health Organization in Geneva, and representatives of every major vaccine manufacturer, including GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Wyeth and Aventis Pasteur. The CDC officials reminded the 52 participants that the scientific data were “embargoed” which means there would be no photocopies of documents or any papers left behind ... Seattle Restaurants



Did you know that Monsanto’s CEO thinks that you are an elitist and we encourage Monsanto’ CEO, to spend few hours with these so called “elitists” instead of spending a day off on his expensive yachts or exclusive private sport club

More than 2 million people marched against Monsanto and GMO on May 25th, 2013. However, according to Monsanto’s CEO, Hugh Grant, millions of non-GMO activities inclduing farmers, students, parents and researchers are “elitists” who only want to bash the great GMO technology that’s helping to feed millions of lives in poor countries. (Not to mention that every 30 minutes, an Indian farmer commits suicide by drinking Monsanto’s insecticide ... Seattle Restaurants





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