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Once again FDA Raids an alternative Cancer Clinic in Tusla, Oklahoma

The US Food and Drug Administration shut down another cancer clinic in Oklahoma that uses natural alternative medicine to treat cancer patients.

According to Camelot Cancer Care clinic website, the clinic focuses on alternative cancer therapies that include Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) like vacuum-distilled DMSO, high-dose Vitamin C and Vitamin B-17, glutathione and methylglyoxal, immune system support, adjacent treatments and nutritional education and herbal remedies.  In addiction Camelot Cancer Care clinic website explains that the natural and alternative cancer treatments are ultimately up to the patient’s decision since natural treatments are not approved by FDA.


However according to newson6.com, the FBI and FDA raid took place because apparently FDA is concerned about the safety of a drug called “laetrile”.

But the clinic website explains that “laetrile” also known as amygdalin or vitamin B17 consists of three natural substances called Glucose (a simple sugar), Hydrogen cyanide and Benzaldehyde.

Based on the clinic website, laetrile kills cancer cells without harming healthy cells. A cancer cell has sugar transporters that grab sugar from the bloodstream for energy. However when cancer cell approaches laetrile molecule and attempts to mobilize it, the laetrile molecule releases toxic cyanide and benzaldehyde that destroys and kills the cancer cells. The great part about this treatment is that unlike chemotherapy, the healthy cells do not get attacked by laetrile molecule and laetrile molecule is only toxic and destroys cancer cells.

But the FDA and FBI raided the clinic and took all the drugs that were purchased by patients for treatment. This will impact the health of many patients among them Sam Bass’s wife who was battling with melanoma for the second time after being free from cancer for five years.

In an interview with newson6.com Sam Bass said how his wife could not tolerate surgeries anymore so after a lot of research they made a decision to go for natural and nutritional therapies instead of chemotherapy. He also said that the 20-day treatment program did cost $13,000 which his father-in-law took out of his savings but now without the medicine they’ve lost all hope they had for his wife who is struggling with cancer. “They took our rights, in my opinion, for me and my wife to choose how to treat her" said Sam Boss in an interview. However for getting full natural treatment, the family is looking to raise money. http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/help-a-wonderful-mom-and-friend-naturally-finish-off-her-battle-with-cancer-/52172/update/37188

Despite the recent budget cuts that have turned thousands of Medicare patients away, FDA has money for government raids

FDA has a long history of raid against health clinics that provide alternative medicines, dietary supplements including colloidal silver and organic producers that sell fresh and wholesome products like raw milk.


It’s such an irony that a part of our tax dollars goes to subsidizing junk foods like twinkies, high fructose corn syrup and aspartame and the other part goes to government raids against healthy and raw foods stores and health clinics. Back in 2011, FDA raided a co-op rawsome store in California that used to sell organic fresh products and raw milk.

FDA is number one sponsor of terrorism

Although one would wonder why “Food” and “Drug” should be the same administration, double standards and hypocrisies have always determined the true nature of tyrants. For many people, FDA has turned into one of the most corrupted government agencies who sponsor terrorism against organic food producers, alternative health care options, natural remedies and supplements and the American public.

But who would expect anything better from a corrupt agency that is run by people in key positions of toxin developing companies like Monsanto and DuPont?

FDA is funded by taxpapers and it is a shame that they support such tyranny of injustice against American people who want to have the choice to eat raw milk or use a clinic for cancer treatment. Is their behavior any different than mafia? If you think this statement is harsh then how would you answer for FDA's key managers being ex-directors and executives of big corporations like Monsanto and Dupont who are almost single handedly responsible for poisoning our soil and our foods with chemicals, pesticides, and herbecides?

These corporporations without any conscience know that there is a lot of money to be made from sick people and cancer is a highly profitable business making billions of dollars for pharmaceuticals. The most ironic is that chemical posioning companies work hand in hand with pharmaceutical companies and together they poison our soil and our foods and then offer us prescription drugs for cure. How this can be going on in this country is hard to fathom.




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