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So you thought NSA telephone eavesdropping and personal data collection was intrusive? Wait, there is more. Now you got the so called, ‘Affordable Care Act’: Uncle Sam’s intrusive Trojan horse called 'Obamacare’. Sadly, your tax Dollars paid for it!

If you love your privacy or are concerned about identity theft then you would be shocked to find out how your information is stored and used, if you want to have access to healthcare.
Unfortunately, the U.S. Congress has made sure that you have no choice but to submit ALL your private information to Uncle Sam, in order to have access to healthcare.


Just when you thought NSA data collection was intrusive, abuse of power, and without oversight, here comes ‘the Obamacare’ which is gathering YOUR private and personal information (completely unrelated to healthcare or health services) and storing it for all their use and abuse.

After going through the Obamacare website (which most of the time doesn’t work and ends up with errors) and submitting all your private information, there is still no guarantee that you can get a health insurance since 30 million Americans are still left uninsured under the so called Affordable Care Act.

To determine your eligibility for a health insurance, you will have no choice but to submit all the personal information about you and your family for storing and use by the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Justice, IRS, and Treasury Department, all under the umbrella of the Department of Health and Human Services. Now they all have access to all your information and didn’t even ask YOU for it, nor your permission to share your information.

Although similar information (certainly not to the same extent) is collected when you apply for a mortgage, the database on Obamacare is being constantly updated and the information is stored in a central data hub for all departments to see and have access to. For instance, your medical information can now be available to the IRS and the Department of Homeland Security, and your tax return cannot be filed until your Obamacare healthcare tax filing is also completed.

According to a recent report from the Identity Theft Resource Center, most identity theft in the United States is medical-related. In fact, Obamacare’s giant database on 310 million Americans has raised serious concerns and questions about identity theft and consumer privacy.

The state insurance data will eventually be combined with the federal increasing the risk of security breach:

The Federal data will be combined with the data collected from the state governments and the central database will contain critical and private information on every US citizen forever.
According to an article by NYTimes, Medicare and Medicaid fraud and abuse (mostly related to the theft of personal information from government databases) costs US tax payers up to $98 billion a year.


In fact, recently CNBC reported a “very serious” data breach in Connecticut that could be the first known case of identity theft associated with Obamacare enrollment information. “Nearly 400 people enrolled in Connecticut's state-run Obamacare exchange may have had their personal information (including their names, dates of birth, and some Social Security numbers) stolen” reports CNBC.

Earlier this year another Obamacare identity theft was reported in Virginia where a bunch of scammers claimed to be insurance providers who had obtained all the applicants’ personal information and were looking to get even more data. (Source: http://humanevents.com/2014/02/05/obamacare-identity-theft-reported-in-virginia/).

But Uncle Sam says ‘Trust us with your private information’

You probably wouldn’t have believed it, if anyone told you 10 years ago that everything about you including your income, tax return, health and medical condition, immigration status, marital status, and social security number must be checked and approved by the Federal government in order to get healthcare.  

I think one of the very last freedoms that we all have is the ‘Freedom to privacy’ and the intrusive data collection of the Obamacare (which is even more sophisticated than NSA) is an indication that you no longer are in control of your own personal information. Anytime, anyone could use and have your information on public display and there is little to nothing you could do to protect yourself.

Interesting enough, the Obamacare online fact sheet indicates that “The hub will not store consumer information, but will securely transmit data between state and federal systems to verify consumer application information”. However, the reality cannot be any further from the truth since the filing of the Obamacare indicates new "system of records"that stores all the personal information (including your name, address, date of birth, social security number, taxpayer status, ethnicity, incarceration status, employer information and immigration status) on behalf of all the applicants. (Source: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/FR-2013-02-06/html/2013-02666.htm)

Obamacare is about anything but Healthcare since under the ‘Affordable Care Act’, 30 million Americans are still uninsured:


According to a recent analysis by the journal Health Affairs, 30 million Americans will not have coverage under the Affordable Care Act, although down from 48.6 million previously – Was this worth it considering how much privacy rights were taken away from American people and replaced with bureaucracy?

Additionally millions of uninsured people under the Obamacare are employed American citizens with almost all being low income individuals between the ages of 18 and 44. “If people are not eligible for Medicaid, then affordability can be a big deal," says author Steffie Woolhandler. "Even with subsidies, you could see some people who either can't find affordable coverage or decide to pay the mandate."

Goodbye Privacy, welcome government bureaucracy: 80 Million Insurance Customers Hacked

Despite the recent identity theft of 80 million people enrolled on Obamacare, the giant government healthcare continues its enrollment. The recent reports indicate that hackers once again steal the private and personal information of 80 million Obamacare customers including names, birthdays, medical IDs, Social Security numbers, street addresses, email addresses, tax information, material status, immigration status, and employment information such as income: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/02/05/anthem-hacked-health-giant-continues-obamacare-enrollments-despite-80-million-person-id-theft/

Have Americans lost one of their most cherished freedoms/rights?

The intrusive Obamacare plan is stealing and using your personal information to deny you healthcare anytime the Federal government wants to (For example, if you haven’t paid your taxes or don’t have an immigration status, you simply cannot buy healthcare). It’s another government bureaucracy designed and programmed to keep you in line and make sure you are under control for the rest of your life.

Isn’t it fascinating to know that a criminal can just walk in to a store and buy a semi-automatic machine gun without any background check, but your entire history must be checked and approved by Feds before you can apply for healthcare?

The intrusive Obamacare plan has been specifically designed to know who YOU are, what your income is, if you paid your taxes and your current immigration status in the United States. Building a database this giant isn’t cheap and in fact, the Departments of Health and Human services has ended up paying 55 million of your tax dollars to build the entire system. Shouldn’t your tax dollars benefit you, instead of another government bureaucracy?

Our hard earned money goes to the deep pockets of powerful corporations and politicians who keep investing on projects like industrial military complex or advanced surveillance programs like Obamacare. The whole IT revolution (including GPS, internet, search engines, and giant computers of NSA) was built with your tax dollars, because we the American citizens invested our time and money to do so. How come all of a sudden, we the investors should not get any portions of the profit and instead the technology we paid for is being used against us – to control and spy on us?

Many civilized societies including Canada, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Germany, Britain and Sweden have government run healthcares and none of them have ended up as disastrous as Obamacare. We are the most watched, photographed and monitored population in human history; a population that can no longer even apply for healthcare without Uncle Sam’s intrusive Trojan horse known as Obamacare.






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