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Does Zombie Apocalypse exist and real mass destruction weapons

You probably have heard about a new disease called ‘Zombie Apocalypse’. Whether zombies are real or they are just Hollywood fantasy, over the last few years, there have been several disturbing reports about aggressive behavior and cannibalism.

In fact, recently, a woman drove into McDonald’s drive thru screaming at McDonald’s staffs asking for “Chicken McNuggets” but it was early in the morning and McDonald's didn’t serve McNuggets until later that day in their lunch menu.


When she found out that McDonald's did not serve chicken McNuggets, she went absolutely crazy threatening to eat the staffs faces, screaming and clutching at McDonald’s staffs. Desperate and unable to eat McNuggets or human’s face, she started smashing McDonald's window with a bottle of alcohol. Here is the video caught by security cameras: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpgSfmbtQyQ

Can such strange behaviors be the result of excessive use of drugs, vaccines, malnutrition, mental illnesses or watching too many Hollywood movies?  

According to Dr. Carley, although dead human beings cannot come back to life, certain viruses can cause aggressive zombie-like and strange behaviors. In fact, the viral virus called rabies (transmitted from wild animals to humans) effects the central nervous system driving people mad and violent.

Dr. Rebecca Carley in an exclusive interview with Alex Jones says how psychological medications such as Prozac and vaccines can cause violent behavior. In fact, a book written by harries Coulter called “federal vaccination social violence criminality” shows a coloration between excessive vaccination and the rise in autism, brain damage, violence and neurological problems. 

According to Dr Russell Puyallup, one of the leading figures in brain surgery, excessive vaccination and heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum in vaccines can cause chronic brain inflammation, neurodegenerative diseases and social problems such as strange behavior and violence.

However, Dr. Rebecca Carley mentions that zombie virus is real and is developed by NATO and they are testing rabies virus on human beings. In a book called “The biology of aggression”, the author, Paul F. Brain says that “They're actually researching to see what areas of the brain they can affect to make people violent and they're using rabies virus to do so."

modern medicine Prozac brain damage violenceThe virus works in a way that it corrupts the immune system and pollutes the brain by causing strange behavior and violence. As Dr. Rebecca Carley explains, once you get injected with viruses, they go to your blood stream and find their way to your brain, affecting parts of the brain that control behavior.

In a research called “the science of vaccine damage”, Catherine O'driscoll mentions how the virus causes auto-immune disorder and all autoimmune diseases such as seizures and cancer are as a result of vaccines.  

According to Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine , 6th edition, in p. 943rarely is prevention of infection considered to be an important goal of vaccination. In fact, asymptomatic infection after vaccination can serve to enhance and prolong the immune response. Of course, if the immune response has been overwhelmed or corrupted, the "asymptomatic infection" will become a chronic disease”.

The UN shameful act of ignoring the international law and The REAL weapons of mass destruction

Once again, the US media is beating the drums of war louder than ever, accusing the Syrian government of using chemical weapons against their own people. Not to mention that the same international community who desperately cannot wait to bomb Syria turned a blind eye when Saddam used WMDs against his own people in northern Iraq known asthe Halabja poison gas attack” back in 1988.

The Halabja poison gas attack will ALWAYS remain as a part of the dark history of UN and the so-called international community since they DID NOT even Care to condemn this hideous crime against 5,000 innocent Kurdish men, women and children.

Chemical and biological weapons were also sold to Iraq and used against Iranians during Iran-Iraq war and thousands of ordinary Iranians up to this day remain the victims of WMDs. The international community once again failed to condemn Saddam’s invasion and use of chemical weapons against Iranians. As much as the west loves to brag about “the international law”, the truth is that laws are no longer laws if they apply to one country and not another.

Syria chemical weapons US attackWhile the anti-war figures like the so called leader of the free world and Nobel ‘Peace’ prize winner “Barack Hussein Obama” and his secretary of State ‘John Kerry’ are more eager than ever to attack Syria, the domestic issues such as unemployment, poverty and economic inequality have reached their highest since 1920s. Couldn’t the Nobel ‘Peace’ prize winner “Barack Hussein Obama” have an immediate meeting with the House majority about REAL domestic issues that affect the lives of millions of Americans such as growing poverty and economic inequality?

While US Congress is willing to make an example of Assad regime by bombing Syria, 50 million of precious children of all colors in US live in or close to man-made poverty. What does that say about the morally constipated and spiritually malnourished politicians that with 17 trillion dollar GDP a year, they can allow childhood poverty and economic terrorism against working and middle class families?   

Instead of labeling GMOs, removing mercury from vaccines, ending corruption (40% of profit in corporate America comes from financial institution rather than producing things), reducing food prices (currently, 100 million Americans are living on food stamps while 11,000 new people sign up for food stamps every single day), lowering taxes for the entire middle class whose net worth is simultaneously shrinking and raising taxes on the top 1% oligarchy who own and control majority of wealth, the government of Mafia dominated by demagogues and sociopaths need to exercise their power by setting an example of Assad regime for using WMDs.

As Dr. Rebecca Carley, in this compelling video mentions the vaccine-induced diseases and modern medicine kills more people than terrorist attacks. In this compelling video, Dr. Rebecca Carley talks about vaccines as weapons of mass destruction and how a sick population is easier to control and manipulate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9WoMps4Pmpo






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