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Monsanto and Dow have decided to move forward with “Agent Orange Corn”

According to Occupy Monsanto, Monsanto and Dow officially agreed to cross-license and share their technologies to move forward with this new generation of corn called “SmartStax corn” also known as “Agent Orange Corn”.  The main ingredient in Agent Orange called 2,4-D, is a toxic chemical that was used during Vietnam war against the Vietnamese civilians. Now 2,4-D is pushed into the market again as an herbicide by the chemical company Dow.
According to the new corn known as “Agent Orange Corn” is resistant to both Roundup and the active ingredient of Agent Orange called 2,4-D.

Agent Orange Corn

Numerous studies have shown the health risks of Agent Orange related to other ingredients in Agent Orange including 2,4,5-T and dioxin. However many studies have linked 2,4-D in Agent Orange (used as an herbicided) to serious health problems including cancer, liver toxicity, neurotoxicity, immune system disorder, Parkinson's disease and endocrine disruption. 

Also the active ingredient in Roundup called “glyphosate” has been linked to infertility, liver damage, birth defects, allergies, cancer and nutritional deficiencies.

According to EPA Monsanto’s Yieldgard corn has been genetically modified to produce a protein from Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) to kill bugs and pests. GMO corn are creating rootworms that are resistant to Monsanto’s Yieldgard corn in both states of Illinois and Iowa. Rootworms are herbicide resistant bugs that has been speading diseases in the soil and non-GMO and organic crops.

Many experts believe that Monsanto is joining Dow to share their technology for a new corn that is resistant to both Roundup and 2,4-D because Monsanto’s Roundup has lost its full effectiveness to combat weeds and have caused agricultural disaster including superweeds and a wide range of diseases in the soil.

According to, scientists and food advocates aren’t the only ones who are worried. An Iowa conventional corn and soybean farmer George Naylor said that “Farmers are on the front lines of this potential chemical disaster” and he also added that “I'm also very concerned about the further pollution of the air and water in my community”.

However Monsanto’s President Brett Begemann thinks differently from all concerned scientific community, citizens and farmers about his companies’ new masterpiece called “Agent Orange Corn”. According to Brett Begemann said that “We continue to look for additional modes of action that offer benefit to our farmer customers and complement our existing offerings.” Monsanto also will represent both companies in licensing of the next generation of SmartStax corn.

Roundup has already been creating so much disaster, so the question is why do we need more contamination?

Many people, experts and scientists are cornered about genetically modified foods. The fact is that the pesticide empire and biotech tyranny are willing to spend $46 million not to put a label in their GM products.

Monsanto GMO corn

Now they have taken the whole game into a new level by using the main ingredient inside Agent Orange called “2,4-D” as a weed-killer. 2,4-D is considered a carcinogen by many advanced countries and research centers around the world including the InternationalAgencyforResearchonCancer.

One would also wonder that if Monsanto’s Roundup isn’t toxic enough that the two companies are now agreeing to move forward with this new generation of corn crops that are resistant to both Roundup and 2,4-D.

However, the use of 2,4-D has been creating a lot of concern not just among the environmentalists and concerned scientific community but farmers and even the Vietnam Veterans of America who were poisoned by Agent Orange. Last year the Vietnam Veterans of America wrote a letter to Obama urging the USDA to put a ban and fully investigate the use of 2,4-D in our food supply.

Also many citizens, farmers and activists are fully disgusted by the passive mentality of Washington in approving new GMO crops without proper investigation and temporary halt on the existing GM crops.

So far Obama seems to have betrayed mothers, students, black and minorities who voted for him and expected to see some real and moral changes in Washington.

Ironically, recently despite 250,000 signatures that asked the President of the United States to veto Monsanto’s Protection Act, Obama signed the bill. Apparently Monsanto’s gangsters and their powerful lobbyists know how to bribe their representative to present a complicated bill to the President of the United States. Many argue that Obama had to sign the bill because other issues including women’s violence Act was also a part of the deal. But one would question why the House of Representative can put a complicated bill together that contains both women’s violence Act and Monsanto’s Protection Act? So if we want to give Obama the benefit of the doubt, he would have no choice but to sign it?

Thanks to biotech tyranny now United States of America has turned into a battle field for testing and planting new GM crops and our kids are turned into guinea pigs of Monsanto’s laboratory. All because the politicians who we voted for don’t have enough balls to stand up against this tyranny and simply do their job by serving those who put them in office at the first place.

I know that Monsanto’s lobbyists and its financial beneficiary are going to laugh at this because they know that our politicians have been bought and paid for a long time ago. But what they don’t know is that the American public is waking up.

Many are becoming aware how partisanship and mafia runs corporate America. While 27 other advanced countries have banned GMOs and 56 other countries have required GMO labeling, we can’t even agree to label GM foods but exempt a toxic corporation like Monsanto from any future lawsuit.


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