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Corn Allergies

In this chapter of Seattle Organic Restaurants I’m going to talk about corn allergies and its symptoms. Thousands of people suffer from corn allergies and I believe there are many people who do not even know they are allergic to corn.


Unfortunately super markets are becoming full of processed foods that are rearrangements of corn. You can find corn in almost every processed food in America. Read the products label carefully and you can find different types of corn such as corn oil, vegetable oil, corn syrup, corn meal, cornstarch, corn sugar (glucose, puretose, dyno, dextrose), breakfast cereals, corn chips, corn fritters and corn tortillas everywhere. It’s hard to avoid eating corn as there are many products in stores that have corn in them such as peanut butter, hams, hot dogs, pork or sausages, deep fried foods such as fried potato or rice (with corn oil), chili, canned vegetables or commercial soups, cheese, fish sticks, American cheese and yogurt, salad dressings, soy milks, chocolate milks, eggnog, English muffins, tacos, gravy (usually made with corn starch), ice creams, American whiskey, gin, beer, ale and wine, sodas like Coca-Cola or Pepsi, crackers, pancake syrups, instant coffees, powdered sugar, jams, candies, sauces like catch up, baking powder and even some toothpastes. If you feel tired most of the times, have little or no energy after you eat, suffer from breathing or respiratory problems and have headaches or migraines you might be allergic to corn.

The symptoms of corn allergies are malnutrition (obesity or underweight), dark circles around eyes (shiner), eczema, runny or stuffy nose, respiratory problems such a asthma or shortness of breath, exhaustion and fatigue, anxiety, moodiness and depression, swelling body especially around ankles, bad breath, margins or headaches, stomachaches, constipation and diarrhea, fluctuations in blood pressure and anaphylaxis. The best way to stop corn allergies is to follow a corn free diet. It means no processed foods in cans or plastic bags and going on a healthy organic diet. Read the labels of products you are purchasing carefully for different kinds of corns. You want to check out our corn free selection of restaurants in Seattle and east side? Look up under Restaurant Directory and enjoy the weekly coupon and selection of Seattle restaurants in Seattle and Bellevue.



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