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Herbal Extracts

The benefits of medicinal use of herbs have been used and practices for the past 3,000 years. Historic records show that herbs were used for their healing properties by the Persians, Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, Hebrews, and even Native Americans. In fact, herbs have been used for healing almost every kind of illness or health condition.


The pharmaceutical industry itself was originally based on herbal extraction and the ability to isolate the ingredients to produce medicine and concentrating the potency to make them more effective.

In United States herbal extracts were used until 1900s when modern medicine decided to individual active compounds of herbs and recreate them through synthetic methods produced drugs based on them.

Herbalists, however, contend that the natural form of herbs contain large numbers of micronutrients that work together to produce its highly effective healing power and nature provides these micronutrients to provide a more balance approach to healing.

In 21st century herbal medicine has once again become much more extensively practiced and many naturalists and alternative medicine healthcare providers are going back to the roots of healing knowledge gained over thousands of years and recommend herbs instead of relying on synthetic, commercial prescription drugs.

As a result, the herbal use as medicinal healing has grown by about 4,000% in the first decade of the 21st century, and still continues to grow rapidly.

Herbal extract is a concentrated ingredients of an herb blended with alcohol and/or water as a suitable solvent to preserve the potency of its active ingredients. This method ensures that the extracts have a much higher shelf life while it is highly concentrated to a required guaranteed potency level.

Another major benefit of herbal extract is that it can be absorbed by the body very quickly specially for older adults that have absorption problems with synthetic prescription drugs.

Fresh organic herbal extracts retain almost all of the original plant’s nutritional benefits for healing and is the one that is recommended by almost all nutritionists and alternative medical practitioners.

Both children and elderly adults can take herbal extracts although you may consult your medical care provider to discuss any existing conditions as well as the required dosage. Pregnant women may also take herbal extract but must consult their physicians since the first few months of pregnancy all organs of the fetus are developing and certain categories of herbs need to be avoided, such as laxative, blood activating herbs, and a few others. It’s best to consult with your physician if you are pregnant.


Herbal extracts:

1. Are all-natural, safe and effective
2. Have no foul smell or taste associated to the prescription tablets or capsults
3. No harmful chemicals
4. No synthetic ingredients
5. No contaminated harmful bacteria

Best form of herbal extract includes:

1. Should contain all the active ingredients in rations found in its natural herb form
2. Must not have its ingredients’ form modified (as in the case of synthetic prescription drugs)
3. Must be processed safely to ensure it retains its potency and benefits
4. Liquid herbal extract is regarded as the best form, as recommended by American Herbalists.

Humans have used botanical herbs for medicinal purposes for thousands of years, with more than 20% of Americans using herbal medicine annually. About 30% of all FDA-approved drugs are derived from botanical sources, such as aspirin (from willow bark) and digoxin (from the foxglove plant). More and more mainstream physicians are recommending herbal remedies as an alternative to prescription drugs with side effects. Many health insurance companies now cover the cost of herbal medicine when prescribed by health care providers.

Many studies have been done of herbal medications. A summary of studies of some popular supplements include:

1. Milk Thistle seems to have proven results in reducing liver inflammation in children undergoing chemotherapy.
2. Ginkgo has shown effective in "memory aid" and a treatment for Alzheimer's disease.
3. St. John's Wort effective for mild to moderate depression.
4. Cranberry juice highly effective for prevention of Urinary Tract Infections.
5. Rose Hips great or absorption of Vitamin C

More studies being conducted by the Office of Alternative Medicine, part of the National Institute of Health.



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