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10 Reasons why Monsanto is corrupt from its core

1. Monsanto’s GMO Alfalfa and sugar beets are a threat to native and organic crops

The biotech industry has been manipulating the genes of GMO alfalfa and sugar beets that are treated with Monsanto’s Roundup. Many scientific community members have been warning that genetically modified foods can cause a wide range of diseases including cancer and organ failure. The USDA (during Bush presidency) illegally approved GMO alfalfa and sugar beets. Unfortunately, the USDA under Obama’s presidency isn’t any different from Bush and only mass-public opposition could change the approval of GMO crops.   


2. Monsanto’s Roundup is toxic

Roundup is Monsanto’s top selling herbicide and it's widely used across America. The independent studies of many concerned scientists have linked Monsanto’s Roundup to a wide range of health problems including infertility, lower immune system, cancer and allergies.

Roundup is also known to spread diseases like 'fusarium head blight' in wheat. In fact, Canada’s wheat industry is outraged by this disease. Monsanto’s Roundup has also resulted in spreading superweeds and increase in use of chemicals.

3. The impact of GMOs on livestock

There is compelling evidence that animals fed on GM crops have had different metabolic, physiological and immunological responses compared to others. Animals Raised on Genetically Engineered Feed Are Different

As crazy as it sounds, the food industry has been feeding sick and dead cows to other cows. They also have been making pallets of dead and sick cows and feeding them to farm fish.

4. Small farmers are pushed out of business

More and more small farms are pushed out of business by greedy corporations like Monsanto. In fact, recently canola fields of a farmer in Canada were contaminated with Monsanto’s GMO Roundup ready canola. Ironically, Monsanto is suing the farmer and forcing him to pay for their Technology Fee (a fee that farmers must pay when growing GM crops). One would wonder if Monsanto should be the one paying fees to farmers as a result of contaminating and damaging the native crops with GMOs

Many raw milk and organic producers have also been pushed out of business by Monsanto and their lobbyists. One of these cases happen to be Oakhurst Dairy farm that unlike many other dairy producers has been respecting the public demands not to use rBGH synthetic hormones. However, Oakhurst Dairy farm have recently been sued by Monsanto for telling their customers that their milk is free of rBGH growth hormones. Keep in mind that FDA (controlled and ruled by Monsanto) has organized and supported gun raids against raw milk producers including Rawsome store in California.


5. Hiding PCBs and its devastating side effects for many years

The residence of west side of Anniston Alabama had no idea that for more than 40 years, they’ve been the victim of one of the most corrupted businesses in America. Now that PCB is banned, the residents of Anniston know that Monsanto has been dumping millions of toxic chemical wastes into the open-pit landfill in their neighborhood. keep in mind that the first manufacturing plant of PCBs was in Illinois. Illinois is one of the states in US with high rate of immature birth and fatal death. Monsanto Hid PCB Pollution for Decades

6. Monsanto is still refusing to pay any compensation to the families of the Vietnamese that were poisoned with chemical “Agent Orange”

The dioxin in Monsanto’s Agent Orange is known as one of the most toxic chemicals on the planet. Studies have linked dioxin to birth defects, neurological disorders, cancer and even death. So far, Monsanto and their powerful lobbyists have been successful to defeat any major movements towards compensating the Vietnamese civilians and US veterans.


Monsanto was able to manufacture 72 million liters of dioxin that was dumped and sprayed on more than 4.8 million Vietnamese civilians during the Vietnam war. As a result of Agent Orange, more than 400,000 Vietnamese died or suffered from disabilities and more than half a million children were left with birth defects.

Ironically, despite all the evidences about dioxin toxicity, up to this day Monsanto claims that dioxin is not toxic and should not be banned. Monsanto's Agent Orange: The Persistent Ghost from the Vietnam War

7. Monsanto’s GMO seeds are causing a disaster in US agriculture

GM crops have been disastrous for farmers in US. A new report by Britain’s Soil Association shows that over the last three years, GM crops have cost the American taxpayers over $12 billion (in farm subsidies).

8. Devastating Result of GM crops in India

Monsanto and biotech financial beneficiary have been trying to spread misinformation that suicide of Indian farmers is not related to GM crops. They have been calling the claims of activists like Vandana Shiva just a fairy tale and an illusion. But the reality is that every 30 minutes, an Indian farmer commits suicide as a result of Monsanto’s GM crops. GMOs have had devastating results on the livelihood of Indian farmers and as a result of GM crops and Monsanto’s costly seeds and pesticides, more than 250,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide, just in the last 10 years.

9. Monsanto taking ownership of public water

Over the last century, Monsanto has been polluting our soil, seeds, air and water by chemicals including dioxin, PCB and glyophosate. To your surprise, now a company like Monsanto is now in charge of filtering our tap water.

10. Monsanto is now joining big banks and the giant oil companies to pursue the UN so called Agenda 21 for “Global sustainability”

Ironically, a company like “Monsanto” is now joining the global big business alliance (Big businesses, NGOs and shareholders of giant companies who control 43% of the nations’ wealth) for pushing the “global sustainability” agenda for the greater good of the planet.

But as we all know, global sustainability for Monsanto, big banks and giant oil companies mean exploiting the existing problems at the expense of individual freedom, private property right and social and national sovereignty of nations.  Monsanto, Agenda 21 and Globalization



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