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Monsanto’s GMO Corn are Banned in Russia

After the release of the French study that linked Monsanto’s GMO corn with horrifying cancer tumors, Russia has now banned all Monsanto’s GMO corn. The study has had its own supporters and critics so the Russian Institute of Nutrition is now fully evaluating the French study.


Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup-tolerant genetically modified maize

France Launches Major Investigation Into GMOs Following Tumor Study

In fact France was one of the very first few countries that banned Monsanto’s rBGH growth hormones and GMOs. Now with Russia joining France in banning Monsanto’s GMO products, there is a high possibility that Monsanto will soon be facing a European ban. Russia’s policy to put a ban on all Monsanto’s GMO corn was a blowback at Monsanto’s recent policies. In the last few years Monsanto has desperately been trying to convince people that genetically modified foods are no different than non-GMO foods.

In fact, they have even recently tried to use regulatory policies to suggest that GMO foods are safer than traditional foods, but this absurdity has been rejected. Soon after the release of the two-year French study, Monsanto completely disregarded the research and accused the French study of not using enough rats and that the research study duration was not adequate.

This excuse of short duration of research study was found to be quite ironic since Monsanto’s GMO tests on animals are 90 days or less rather than a realistic assessment of damage to tissues and long-term side effects which takes years of study to establish. Scary enough, the two-year French study showed that the large tumors in rats that were fed GMO corn didn’t accrue until they were adults. This could be really alarming since many children in US are grown on GMO corn and soy. In fact most popular breakfast cereals and infant formulas contain high levels of Monsanto’s GMO corn and soy ingredients.

Still, the War against the Organic Industry continues by Monsanto, its supports, and financial beneficiaries in the biotech industry.


A few weeks before the release of the French study on Monsanto’s GMO corn, another study about organic foods was released by Stanford University. The oxymoron title of the article was that “organic foods offer fewer health advantages compared to conventional foods”. Later on it was revealed that the co-author of the Stanford study had actually strong family ties to Monsanto.

Does co-author of Stanford organic study have family ties to pesticide, GMO giant Monsanto?

Fact-checking against Organic Food

After the release of the French study, the coordinated verbal assault on the organic industry has grown even more aggressive by Monsanto supporters and beneficiaries. The new baseless accusations suggest that even organic foods contain some levels of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. For instance, it is a fact that organic dairy products are 100% rBGH free and do not have any hormones or antibiotics. It is also a known fact that organic foods is described as foods that are not grown with the use of pesticides, herbicides and/or chemicals. But GMO-Monsanto supporters who clearly know that, wish to MISREPRESENT the FACTS.


So it is quite normal that you would ask the obvious question … why are the GMO supporters and Monsanto beneficiaries creating equivalency between GMO’s and pesticide-ridden foods and the organic foods that are known to be pesticides-free when it is quite well known that organic foods do not contain hormones, antibiotics and pesticides? The answer is that they wish to create doubt that there is any difference between the two and hope that people would lose their interest in non-contaminated food and the organic industry as a whole. Their aim by making these false and baseless statements of equivalency is to diminish the value of good wholesome foods for our families and convince us all that contaminated food made with GMO strands, DNA mutations, chemicals and pesticides is no different than foods that are made organically.

Despite the assault against the organic foods and the fact that Monsanto and pesticide companies contributed another $5.5 Million to kill GMO labeling Initiative in California, consumers are becoming more and more aware of the health risks associated with contaminated and GMO foods. The high-profit pesticide and GMO companies know that people’s awareness is going to cost them a fortune in genetically manipulated organism. Monsanto and its GMO beneficiaries as well as the chemical companies are spending a lot of money to kill California Proposition No. 37 to deprive American people of their right to choose.

These companies have declared war on the American dream … the FREEDOM OF CHOICE – and important and essential right to choose what to feed ourselves and our family with foods that are properly labeled which inform us of potential harmful ingredients that may later cause cancer and/or other illnesses specially for children and infants, pregnant women, older folks, and those with chronic illnesses. It is our RIGHT to choose what we put into our bodies and multi-billion Dollar companies should not be allowed to hide the truth from us and insert chemicals and contaminants into foods without our knowledge.



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