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Did you know that Monsanto’s CEO thinks that you are an elitist and we encourage Monsanto’ CEO, to spend few hours with these so called “elitists” instead of spending a day off on his expensive yachts or exclusive private sport club

More than 2 million people marched against Monsanto and GMO on May 25th, 2013. However, according to Monsanto’s CEO, Hugh Grant, millions of non-GMO activities inclduing farmers, students, parents and researchers are “elitists” who only want to bash the great GMO technology that’s helping to feed millions of lives in poor countries. (Not to mention that every 30 minutes, an Indian farmer commits suicide by drinking Monsanto’s insecticide: http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-foods/indian-farmers-committing-suicide-monsanto-gm-crops/)


According to Bloomberg.com, Monsanto’s CEO said that “Monsanto’s opponents who want to block genetically modified foods are guilty of “elitism” that’s fanned by social media and fail to consider the needs of the rest of the world”. 

He also criticized those who pay more for buying organic food and said these elitist want to block other people’s options for buying more affordable products.

Grant also said that “There is this strange kind of reverse elitism: If I’m going to do this, then everything else shouldn’t exist and there is space in the supermarket shelf for all of us”. He also blamed the social media for turning millions of people against genetically modified foods and he said that “I’d feel a whole lot better if it was marinated a little on where is that extra chicken going to come from or who is going to grow the new bushel”.

Monsanto’s CEO also praised genetically modified foods and mentioned “how genetically modified Crops are engineered to be resistant to herbicides to kill pests and insects and GMOs play an important role in helping farmers to meet the rising food demand on limited arable land”. In addition he said that “the critics of GMOs fail to consider the needs of the rest of the world."

Let’s look at the facts to find out if Monsanto’s CEO is right or not?

Recently, Monsanto and chemical company Dow have been moving forward with creating agent orange corn that’s resistant to the main ingredient in Agent Orange called 2,4-D; a toxic chemical that was used during Vietnam war against the Vietnamese civilians. However, more than 400,000 people who Grant calls “elitists” signed a petition to USDA opposing the approval of Agent Orange Corn. http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-food/Monsanto-Dow-agent-orange-corn.php

According to Bloomberg, Charles Benbrook, a research professor at Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources, said that “engineering crops to tolerate herbicides makes farmers jobs easier, while increasing the public’s exposure to chemicals such as dicamba and 2,4-D that have been linked to reproductive problems”.

Professor Benbrook also mentioned that “Most of the people that become motivated to engage the political issues have become convinced that going down the road of genetically engineered foods is not the way to meet the needs of a food insecure population.”

agent orange corn Monsantos CEOAdditionally, many scientific community members including Dr Huber and others have linked Monsanto’s best selling herbicide “Roundup” to infertility, cancer, Parkinson’s, gastrointestinal problems and autism: http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-foods/fact-checking-gmo-foods/

More and more research are linking GMOs with cancer, leukemia, ammonia, auto immune disorder, severe stomach inflammation, inflammatory bowel disease and more: http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-food/GMO-severe-stomach-inflammation-pigs-and-war-on-journalism.php

However, the CEO of $58 billion multinational Pesticide and Frankenfood Corporation thinks otherwise. “This place is getting busier and more crowded,” Grant said. “As long as you’ve got money in your back pocket and you drive your station wagon to the supermarket on weekends, then it’s out of sight, out of mind, so far.”

However, Hugh Grant forgets to mention that a multibillion dollar company in America has enough power to buy the legislators, the House, Congress, Senate, media and even scientists to vote in favor of Frankenfoods banned in more than 30 countries. He is also right about “out of sight and out of mind” statement since biotech companies could spend millions of dollars crushing anti-GMO movements and bribing politicians to hide GMOs in our food supply.

Also, health advocates, activists and scientists who are supposedly, bunch of elitists according to Monsanto’s CEO know that the best way to help the world hunger is to reduce the food waste, restore soil fertility, eat less meat and stop corruption. The latest reports show that only in America, $165 billion dollars worth of food is wasted every year and if America could only waste 15% less in food, we could feed 25 million people in the world. Also, the money required to eradicate hunger for everyone in the world is estimated at 30 billion dollars a year, as much as the world spends on the military every eight days.

GMOs are meant to feed Monsanto’s CEO and its shareholders not the hungry people in the world  

Since the introduction of GM crops, the number of hungry people in the world hasn’t become any less. In fact, the situation is so drastic in some countries that the so called UN and its over-paid ambassadors are now encouraging people to eat insects for eradicating hunger. http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-food/Insect-supplements-UN-world-hunger.php

So, the question is that why Monsanto’s CEO and its shareholders don’t come out clean and tell everyone the truth that GMOs are not meant to feed the hungry, they are ONLY meant to feed Monsanto’s shareholder and CEO. Let’s cut the angry talk and get to the bottom of it and admit that Monsanto will be out of business without selling Roundup also known as “chemical of death”: http://www.seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-foods/monsantos-roundup-glyphosate/

For almost a century, Monsanto Company has been poisoning an average American family. But the same American family is now called “elitist”

Monsanto CEO calls GMO activists elitists

The people who Monsanto’s CEO calls elitists are the same people who were mostly impacted by a chaotic economy and disintegrating monetary system and a power-mad government dominated by demagogues and sociopaths like Monsanto’s CEO. It’s so noble of Monsanto to piss down our neck and tell us it’s raining.

In fact, the ones that Monsanto’s CEO calls “elitists” are everyday’s normal people who depend on food stamps or cannot even afford to pay for their grocery bill. They are just fed up to see their families sick; they are fed up to see their kids suffering from autism, inflammatory bowel disease or cancer. They are fed up with toxic polluting companies like Monsanto and DuPont who crush anything beneath their feet for profit. They are fed up with the hypocrisy of the mainstream media who ignores the high cost of healthy living for an average American family and a government who subsidizes obesity and gives tax breaks to multibillion dollar companies who don’t need it. They are fed up that FDA is just a poppet agency run by Monsanto and DuPont’s key people.  

We encourage Monsanto’s CEO to join the next march against Monsanto instead of spending time on his expensive yachts and give the American working class families a sincere apology:

The next March against Monsanto is scheduled in both July 4th 2013 (by Moms Across America, March to Label GMOs: https://www.facebook.com/MomsAcrossAmerica) and October 21st, 2013 (https://www.facebook.com/events/323007944497400/?ref=notif&notif_t=plan_user_invited). We the people encourage Monsanto’ CEO, Hug Grant to spend few hours with these so called “elitists” instead of spending a day off on his expensive yachts or exclusive private sport club.

These supposedly “elitists “are the citizens of this country too and they have as much right as the Monsanto’s CEO does. They just don’t have the money to bribe the politicians and corporate media to talk in favor of them.  If your company has the right to poison people, WE THE PEOPLE, have the right to talk about it. Although, I know this country is run based on labels but this was a shameful act to call the good citizens of this country “elitists” only because they want to have the right to know what they are eating.

Well, let’s get to the bottom and find out who is the real elitist?

People like Hug Grant use “reverse reverse psychology” all the time. They accuse their opponents of something so crazy so no one else will accuse them of the same thing.

Monsanto, among other multibillion dollar companies are the REAL ELITISTS who represent a very few corporate elites that stand for economic exploitation, abolishing any regulations to protect consumers, total market control, and ultimately market domination at the expense of transparency, consumer awareness labeling, reduction in pollution, and soil sustainability, among others.

These multibillion dollar companies don’t care about people, families, neighborhoods, and communities. They don’t care about you or our country. They are interested in building wealth and flaunting it on their expensive yachts and bragging about it at their exclusive private sports clubs. Now they are targeting the organic food industry that has been fighting to bring people of this country access to non-contaminated healthy foods. Are we the people going to let these multibillion dollar companies get even richer at the expense of the American people’s health? In the Bill Of Rights, it says we have FREEDOM OF SPEECH! So why are we so afraid to speak up for ourselves?






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