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Fish Oil by Eating a Fish vs. Fish Oil supplements/pills in a Jar

Hundreds of research studies have been conducted over the past 30 years and they’ve all concluded that fish oil is good for you.

The fish oil that have been tested and the subjects that they tested them on were basically feeding fish to people as well as researching heart disease among people who live near a lake or sea and historically consume more fish compared to people who live far away from lakes and have been less likely to have had a high consumption of fish in their diet.


The research studies concluded that fish oil from fish was beneficial.

Eating 2 or 3 servings of fish, especially wild salmon is good for you since the unsaturated fats in fish, called omega-3 fatty acids, appear to reduce the risk of dying of heart disease and therefore has been recommended by the American Heart Association for decades.

Unsaturated fatty acids are a great substitute for saturated fatty acids such as those found in meat, because they lower your cholesterol rather than increase your cholesterol level as meat does. But the main benefit of unsaturated fatty acid is that it reduces inflammation throughout the body. Inflammation in the body can damage your blood vessels and lead to heart disease.

But eating fish is very different than taking fish oil supplements.

First of all, why would someone not like to eat fish and instead take fish oil supplements where some factory somewhere has extracted, often with chemical treatment and/or heating process, oil from farmed fish?

In a recent study, fish oil supplements were given to heart patients for at least a year, and it was discovered that the claim behind fish oil supplements are absolutely inconclusive – or in other words no sufficient evidence was found to prove that fish oil supplements can protect against the risk of major cardiovascular problems like heart attacks or strokes, the study was published in Archives of Internal Medicine.

So, yes, fish oil by consuming wild fish is good for you but fish oil supplements in the form of pills from farmed fish fed on chemical fishmeal, is not.


Farmed fish are often grown in polluted and low quality water that has problem of disease spreading quickly in a tight space and then of course there is toxins and contamination associated with farm-raised fish. Farm raised fish are fed pellets containing high concentrations of fish. It is this concentration of fish that increases PCB levels and high concentrates of toxins and mercury.

For instance farmed raised salmon:

  1. has almost 10 times the level of PCB’s as compared to wild salmon
  2. has 30 times the number of sea lice as compared to wild salmon
  3. are fed colored pellets to give them color
  4. are fed pellets of chicken/turkey feces, corn meal, GMO soy/maize, or GMO canola oil
  5. are fed pellets with antibiotics at higher levels than any other livestock because of water toxins
  6. have less omega 3 fatty acid due to the type of diet fed
  7. are grown in very small spaces resulting in more disease infested water and pollution

Still think you want to have fish oil supplements and pills?

Think again. Eat wild fish like wild salmon. The supplements are ineffective to say the least.






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