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Snow White should not be the only one concerned about apples since GE apples could soon end up on your plate without any label! Tell USDA ‘Don’t approve GMO apples’

“Hey farmer, farmer, put away your DDT, I don't care about spots on my apples, Leave me the birds and the bees” sang Joni Mitchell in 1970. However, those days seem to be long gone since biotech and chemical companies have now mastered the art of manipulating genes of foods and manufacturing toxic chemicals including neonicotinoids that are killing birds and bees in millions.


However, as if the problems with disappearance of bees and butterflies and increase in biotech toxic insecticides weren’t bad enough, the Canadian Okanagan Specialty Fruits is seeking the approval of USDA for their non-browning GMO apple known as “Arctic Apple”. Apparently, Snow White should not be the only one concerned about apples since GE apples could soon end up on your plate without any label.

Many consumers and even apple growers have expressed their concern about GE apple, but if USDA decides to approve Arctic Apples, GE apples like GMO corn or soy could end up in thousands of consumer products such as in infant formulas or school launches.

Friends of the Earth have been urging big food corporations and baby food companies to boycott GMO apples: McDonald’s and Gerber infant formulas say they reject GE apples:

The world’s biggest fast food restaurant, McDonald’s, and baby food manufacturer Gerber have confirmed that they do not sell or use GMO apple that’s been sitting on USDA queue for approval. 

“McDonald’s and Gerber are wise to distance themselves from the Arctic® apple. They understand their customers, particularly parents, are leery of unlabeled, poorly studied genetically engineered foods,” says Lisa Archer, director of the Food & Technology Program at Friends of the Earth. “This is further proof that the market is rejecting GMOs.”
Archer also said that “Companies invested in profits from GMOs might have bought Washington’s election, but they can’t stop the market from rejecting their products.”

Keep in mind that Gerber and Enfamil infant formulas have considerable amount of GMO soy and corn in them. In fact, Gerber is owned by Nestle Company which spend over $2 million to defeat GMO labeling in Washington and California.

Apple farmers are rejecting GMO apples calling them risky and unnecessary:

Major food companies that grow apples including USApple and the Northwest Horticultural Council (that represent apple growers in Washington who grow more than 60 % of US apples) have opposed GMO apple.

The GE apple is engineered by a recent and virtually untested technique called RNA interference and many farmers and scientists have expressed their concern that it could have unpredictable impacts on both human’s health and the environment.

gmo-apple-wont-brown-mcdonalds-gerber-say-no-to-gmo-appleIn fact, GE apple was not engineered for increased nutritional value and it’s genetically modified not to brown when it’s cut. However, many believe that browning of apples could be prevented by applying natural antioxidants like vitamin C (found for example in lemon juice) on apple’s skin instead of such unnecessary and risky technology.

Keep in mind that conventional apples by themselves have high residue of a toxic pesticide known as diphenylamine (which is banned in Europe). In fact, kids eat more foods and as a result have higher level of pesticides in their bodies. These pesticides have been linked to a wide range of health issues including hormone disruption, infertility, autism and ADHD.

Farmers have also expressed their concern that GMO apples could be a threat to integrity of other apples. The US Apple Association says that it does not support approval of GMO apples since it could risk consumer rejection and could undermine the fruit’s image as a healthy and natural food, one that “keeps the doctor away and is as American as, well, apple pie.”

More than third of US farmers are now reporting wide spread GE contamination. Apple farmers are now extremely worried since approval of GE apple could end up contaminating their farm and hurt sales of US apples abroad. Keep in mind that a third of apple revenue is generated from exports and recently Europe banned the import of conventional apples grown in US because of the use of a toxic chemical known as diphenylamine.

Tell USDA that consumers and apple growers in US are against GMO apples!

Please send a strong message to US secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack and take action against approval of Okanagan's genetically engineered "Arctic" apples: http://salsa3.salsalabs.com/o/50865/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=8779







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