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Autism affects more than 400,000 American families and at least one in every five children in America. Autistic children or adults at first might appear that are mentally disabled or have difficulty hearing but it’s very important to distinguish autism from other conditions.


Based on the National Institute of Neurological Disorder and Stokes, autism can manifest itself in different forms like behavioral problems, speech impediments, difficulty learning and focusing, inability to make friends and erratic outbursts.

Autistic kids have often difficulty learning and are mentally disabled. Some autistic kids have normal intelligence while others might fall into a lower range.

Half of people with autism score below 50 in IQ tests, 20% fall between 50 and 70 and 30% have an IQ higher than 70.

10 Fact you should know about Autism

Parents with a child that has autism know how difficult it is to deal with all the behavioral problems of autistic children.


Here are the following recommendations if you are fully committed to improve the life of your child that has autism:


Ginkgo biloba is a great herb for destroying free radicals in the brain and improving brain function by increasing the circulation in the brain.


1. Raw Organic Diet

It’s important to consume a high-fiber diet of 50% to 75% raw organic fruits and vegetables and include organic brown rice, wild sockeye salmon, raw nuts and seeds. Get rid of all the processed, packaged and canned foods, sodas, milk chocolate, pesticide ridden foods, GMOs, food high in saturated fat, salt, sugar and soy. Avoid foods with artificial coloring and preservatives, fried foods, red meat, bacon, ham, hotdogs, sausage, high mercury fish and all dairy products.

Eliminate wheat or wheat products, drink steam-distilled water and include more frequent small meals rather than two or three large meals.


2. Detox diet and regular exercise:

It is very important to detoxify the body from accumulation of free radicals and heavy metals by making smoothies from organic fruits and vegetables and include herbs and spices.

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Get regular exercise and improve blood oxygen supply to the brain by taking deep breathing techniques and meditation.

3. Live a green life style:

It is important to get rid of toxic home cleaners and instead use natural cleansing herbs, vinegar and baking sodas. Also replace the bleach, laundry detergents, window cleaners and other chemicals with natural choices.

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