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Diet vs. Exercise – Which promotes sustaining a healthy body and mind?

The current average age expectancy for Americans is higher today than in 1970s, however twice as many people are having health problems during the later years of their lives.

So we are living longer but not necessarily healthier?

Yes, seems to be the answer. But, why?

While we are living longer due to advances in early medical diagnosis and subsequent medical treatment, we are not necessarily likely to be healthier even though we live longer.

Almost all concerned medical practitioners, health experts, and nutritionists believe, backed by extensive research findings, that American people, generally, are heavier and less active, on average, than previous generation. This they believe is the result of a bad diet and lack of exercise for most people and that they are more likely to be suffering from chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

healthy-body-mind-diet-exerciseInstead of using our extra golden years enjoying time with our grand children, going on vacations, spending time exploring the world, playing golf, swimming more often, and enjoying the company of our friends as often as we want – more and more Americans are experiencing a gradual decline in their health and facing chronic pain and/or disease.

Where is the root of this gradual decline of health in our golden years?

While most medical professionals agree that both diet and exercise matter, many people often ask, which is more important, diet or exercise?

Physical fitness is essential in maintaining good health. That much we all know. However, what most people are unaware of is that lack of movement directly contributes to most of the common health conditions such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

What is really important to note here is that exercise does not necessarily lead to loss of weight or contribute directly to healthier body. Actually, there is an intermediary phase which is essential to remember.

Exercise relaxes you.

Yes. Exercise helps you relax and also relaxes your muscles. When your mind and body is more relaxed, there is no need for cortisol hormones to be released to deal with stress, a natural reaction by our body that is triggered by stress to protect us by giving us a burst of energy and a shift in metabolism and blood flow. Stress makes us eat more, lowers our metabolism, therefore we store more fat and most nasty cells (like cancer cells) like to live by or near or inside fat tissues.

If you exercise, you will relax more and that is what makes you lose weight – not the exercise, but the relaxation part. Add meditation to your exercise and now you have doubled the effect of weight loss.

Therefore, can it be concluded that exercise is more important than diet?

Well, here’s the shocking answer. Diet and exercise work together and are 6 folds more effective if you exercise and eat a healthy diet.

This has been a new discovery in a dozen research studies in the last 10 years. A good diet gives you the strength to exercise on a regular basis and keeps you relaxed. A good diet gives back good nutrients to your body after your exercise so you build stronger muscles and strengthen your body with good vitamins and minerals. As you get stronger and stronger you can exercise longer, feel more energetic, and even more relaxed. More regular exercise prolongs your endurance and longevity and hence your body becomes stronger and healthier, your colds and flu last shorter periods and you feel healthier for a longer lifespan. Click here to find more about boosting your immune system, Herbs and Diet.

Both, good diet and regular exercise are essential for your body – ideally together, especially in your later years. Make sure you do not exercise strenuously and avoid injury at all cost. Once injured you could end up in a spiral downhill since if you cannot exercise your body will get weaker. You want to maintain a regular regiment of exercise once you get into your 40s to keep your body healthy and constantly rejuvenated. Potentially, you’ll live a longer life and a happier life.



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