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Climate change

47 million Americans will develop Alzheimer's dementia or mild cognitive impairment by the year 2060, the researchers warn

"there are about 47 million people in the U.S. today who have some evidence of preclinical Alzheimer's, which means they have either a build-up of protein fragments called beta-amyloid or neurodegeneration of the brain but don't yet have symptoms ... Alzhiemers


Climate change

Climate change, a crime scene covered with our finger prints

Climate change has become the biggest global health threat of the 21st century. Hurricanes, tornados, super storms, and prolonged drought are not only becoming increasingly common but, tragically, increasingly destructive. Perhaps the biggest threat humanity faces as the earth continues to warm is the rise of the sea level ... Climate change



Are genetically modified foods, bovine growth hormones (rBGH), antibiotics and high fructose corn syrup making you fat and sick?

According to CDC report, more than one third of the US population (about 34%) are obese and about 68% are overweight. Childhood obesity is now a growing epidemic and one in three kids born after the year 2000 are either obese or overweight. Medical bills related to obesity have grown more rapidly than ever and they are expected to soar even more as the obesity rate increases. Although No one disagrees that genetic is an important factor in weight gain, in the last few decades the extraordinary increase in body fat of the American population makes you wonder if genetics are the only factor in play ... genetically-modified-foods-bovine-growth-hormones-antibiotics-high-fructose-corn-syrup-making-you-fat-sick



The gene of genetically modified foods can be transferred into human blood/DNA researchers say

A recent study published by Public Library of Science (PLOS), researchers have discovered compelling evidence that the DNA of genetically modified foods could enter human’s blood circulation and result in many health problems. According to researchers, the blood samples of more than 1000 participants were collected and “the results indicated that meal-derived DNA fragments (which were large enough to carry complete genes) can avoid degradation and through an unknown mechanism enter the human circulation system” ... gene-of-genetically-modified-foods-can-be-transferred-into-human-blood-DNA



Eating organic foods can reduce the level of pesticides by 89% researchers say

According to a study published in the Journal of Environmental Research, participants who ate 80% organic diet had 89% less pesticide residue in their urine compared to those who ate conventionally grown food. The study was performed in Melbourne, Australia with non-smoking participants aged between 18 and 65. In this study, the pesticide level in the urine of those who ate conventionally grown food is a representative of pesticide levels in the urine of millions of people who eat foods laced with high levels of pesticides and GMOs ...eating-organic-foods-can-dramatically-reduce-pesticide-levels



Recent study suggests that GMO foods are fundamentally flawed and are radically different than their non-GMO counterparts. And finally USDA report admits that GMOs could cause major environmental risks

An Australia-based Permaculture Research Institute has released new studies that show significant difference between GMOs and non-GMO foods. In fact, the leading author of the study, Dr Eva Sirinathsinghji says that concept of substantial equivalence of GMOs with non-GM crops is flawed and have miserably failed to protect public health and biodiversity ... gmos-are-fundamentally-flawed-radically-different-than-non-gmo-foods-usda-admits-gmos-could-cause-major-environmental-risks


So you thought NSA telephone eavesdropping and personal data collection was intrusive? Wait, there is more. Now you got the so called, ‘Affordable Care Act’: Uncle Sam’s intrusive Trojan horse called 'Obamacare’. Sadly, your tax Dollars paid for it

So you thought NSA telephone eavesdropping and personal data collection was intrusive? Wait, there is more. Now you got the so called, ‘Affordable Care Act’: Uncle Sam’s intrusive Trojan horse called 'Obamacare’. Sadly, your tax Dollars paid for it

If you love your privacy or are concerned about identity theft then you would be shocked to find out how your information is stored and used, if you want to have access to healthcare. Unfortunately, the U.S. Congress has made sure that you have no choice but to submit ALL your private information to Uncle Sam, in order to have access to healthcare. Just when you thought NSA data collection was intrusive, abuse of power, and without oversight, here comes ‘the Obamacare’ which is gathering YOUR private and personal information (completely unrelated to healthcare or health services) and storing it for all their use and abuse ... So you thought NSA telephone eavesdropping and personal data collection was intrusive? Wait, there is more. Now you got the so called, ‘Affordable Care Act’: Uncle Sam’s intrusive Trojan horse called 'Obamacare’. Sadly, your tax Dollars paid for it



Natural remedies for fighting cold and flu this winter and homemade turnip soup recipe

The flu season is on the way and the only way to prevent colds and flu is to strengthen your immune system against the viruses that are getting stronger every year. Here are the lists of top fruits and vegetables that you can add to your diet on a daily basis to avoid getting sick. Also turnip is a very powerful source of flavonoids, antioxidants and vitamin C that can effectively fight against ear infections, sore throat and cold. The beta carotene in turnip is converted to vitamin A by the body and the potent antioxidants help to neutralize thousands of free radicals that attack our living cells on a daily basis ... natural-herbal-remedies-for-fighting-cold-and-flu-this-winter-homemade-turnip-soup-recipe



USDA approves the second generation of GMOs resistant to more toxic herbicide

Just when you thought herbicide Roundup was toxic to human’s health and environment, the USDA quietly approves the second generation of GMOs resistant to even more toxic herbicide. Apparently Roundup wasn’t running the planet fast enough, so the giant agrichemical company Bayer got USDA approval for the second generation of genetically modified soybeans that can withstand direct application of toxic herbicide isoxaflutole (IFT) ... usda-approves-second-generation-of-GMOs-resistant-to-toxic-herbicide-isoxaflutole-IFT



Natural foods and herbs that help to beat depression

US population only makes up for 5% of the world population, but the use of prescribed drugs in US makes up for two thirds of all psychiatric drugs used globally. Research shows that in US, one in 10 adults suffer from some form of a depression while one in 5 kids between the ages of six to twelve are diagnosed with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and ADHD. As a matter of fact, America’s addition for prescription drugs suggests a sick nation ...natural-foods-herbs-for-treating-depression-anxiety



What causes tingling, prickling, lack of sensation, pain, muscle weakness and numbness in hands, feet or other parts of the body?

Damage to the nerves connecting your spinal cord and brain to other parts of your body causes symptoms such as tingling and numbness, lack of sensation, pain, and muscle weakness that begins in the hands or feet and may spread through the limbs. In essence, this is due to pressure on nerves or the blood vessels that supply the nerves. Sometimes this occurs after you've been in an awkward position, like sitting cross-legged, or sitting on a chair (office or on an airplane) for long hours, or wearing tight shoes, or may be the sign of a trapped nerve as a result of slipped disc or back problem putting pressure on a nerve that travels from your back, down your leg and into your toes ... what-causes-tingling-prickling-lack-of-sensation-pain-muscle-weakness-numbness-in-hands-feet-other-parts-of-the-body



Ebola: Virus whose very name strikes fear in every nation on earth

Ebola is indeed a rare and deadly virus caused by infection with a strain of Ebola virus, among the strains, the Zaire strain is known to be the deadliest. It was first recorded some 50 years ago although there are some disputes that suggest the virus had been detected many decades ago, may be even more than 100+ years ago. In the United States, a public-health horror incident shook up the authorities when they expected an outbreak of this wildly deadly virus near the nation's capital city, Washington D.C. back in 1989. During this incident, multiple people tested positive and the authorities had no idea how to contain nor how to treat such a deadly virus ... ebola-epidemic-ebola-spreading-in-US



Arsenic: High doses in food or water will kill you

After denying for years that there is arsenic in chickens produced in U.S. for the last 15 years, FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) now admits that there is arsenic in chicken – as nutritionists and industry watchdog agencies have been saying for years. Now FDA says its own research shows that the arsenic added to the chicken feed, ends up in the chicken meat itself where it is consumed by humans, hence causing cancer among the population. FDA now suggests that arsenic is a carcinogen and causes cancer and other illnesses ... Seattle Restaurants



What is your body trying to tell you when you get muscle cramps in the form of stabbing pains in your toes, back of your legs, and arches of your feet?

It was discovered in 1930s, through various research studies that with “effective communication”, human beings understand and resolve conflicts in relationships while, at the same time, allowing individuals to cope better with stress. Additionally, various studies showed that relationships that are based on effective communication tend to nurtures and enhances our health and self-esteem. Couples, for instance, that communicate by listening and addressing issues in a positive way end up building a solid relationships where they can support one another and hence live longer, smarter, happier, and in fact, healthier ...how-to-eliminate-muscle-cramps



Foods that are designed to make profit off of you and your loved ones, but give you little nutrients

We all often start with the best intentions to feed ourselves and our loved ones with a nutritious diet. We are all spending more and more time at the local market, and even spending more money, to select organic produce, grass-fed meats, wild-caught salmon, organic dairy, and artisanal breads. We intend to spend hours cooking in the kitchen making a healthy and high nutritious meal with lots of veggies. We have the family around the dinner table and everyone appreciates the wonderful healthy meal and the time spent with loved ones ... foods-that-are-designed-to-make-profit-off-of-you-but-give-you-little-nutrients



Hexane: Increases profitability for corporations while reducing your immune system

Hexane has been identified by the FDA as a potent neurotoxin and a carcinogen, as well as one of the hazardous and dangerous air pollutants. According to EPA, exposure to hexane by either ingesting it or in some other way can lead to occurrence of various symptoms: acute (short-term) inhalation exposure of humans to high levels of hexane causes central nervous system (CNS) effects, including dizziness, giddiness, slight nausea, and headache. Chronic (long-term) exposure to hexane in air is associated with polyneuropathy in humans, with numbness in the extremities, muscular weakness, blurred vision, headache, and fatigue observed ... hexane-increases-profitability-for-corporations-while-reducing-your-immune-system



Acne bumps on face, arms, thighs, or butt? Your body is trying to tell you something

Simply put, acne type bumps are generally caused by dirt, oil, or inflammation. In some cases, it is also caused by bad sleeping habits, drinking sodas, and being under tremendous stress for a long period of time. On rare occasions, acne and bumps also occur because of cosmetic products, and ironically, even products sold to fight acne and bumps on cheeks, arms, and legs. In essence, most often acne bumps can be remedied through diet and relaxation. Diet is typically very important to avoid getting acne in the first place and in most case get rid of an outbreak of acne ... acne-bumps-on-face-arms-thighs-or-butt-your-body-is-trying-to-tell-you-something



The former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton endorses GMOs at biotech conference and how the liberal elites have betrayed the American working class

Recently the darling of the Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton spoke at the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) convention in San Diego expressing her support for genetically modified foods. “I stand in favor of using seeds and products that have a proven track record,” Clinton said. “The term genetically modified sounds Frankensteinish and turns people off. Drought resistant sounds really like something you'd want. There is a big gap between what the facts are, and what the perceptions are” Clinton said ... the-former-US-Secretary-of-State-Hillary-Clinton-endorses-GMOs-at-biotech-conference



Organic And Nutritious Diets To Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is a term that is often bandied around despite the fact that very few understand or appreciate its crucial role in our everyday lives. Simply put, metabolism is a set of chemical reactions that keeps our bodies going. Our energy levels are entirely dependent on the metabolic reactions in our bodies. Body weight is also closely tied to metabolism ... organic-nutritious-diet-can-boost-your-metabolism




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