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America wants GMOs Labeled


According to Seralini GMO Study rats that were fed on Monsanto’s GMO corn died suffering from horrifying tumors and organ damage. The study performed by the Gilles-Eric Seralini, a French biologist at Caen University showed that 70% of female rats and 50% of male rats died from large tumors and severe damage to kidney and liver after eating GMO corn. The study has its own supporters and critics. However some critics who are skeptical of the French study have financial ties to biotech companies like Monsanto. To clarify any doubts and skepticism France has just launched a major investigation about the toxicity of GMO products.

France Launches Major Investigation Into GMOs Following Tumor Study

Fellow Lab Rats, Eat GMO And Grow Your Own Tumor, Big Pharma Is Here To Help

Here is the full Study "Long term toxicity of a Roundup herbicide and a Roundup tolerant genetically modified maize"

Study says genetically modified corn causes tumors, but other scientists skeptical about research

France has been in the forefront of the battle fighting toxic products. France was actually one of the first countries that didn’t allow the use of hormones and rBGH hormones in livestock. During George Bush’s presidency, France refused to buy cows from US and the US retaliated back by increasing steel import tariffs and calling France anti-American.

America wants GMOs Labeled

Many independent experts and American public all agree that GMOs must be labeled. However, among US politicians and lobbyists the debate is far from over and GMO labeling is still far from the reality in US. Keep in mind that 50 countries worldwide have required GMO labeling and more than 27 countries have banned GMOs.


Although 80%+ of democrats, conservatives, republicans and independents all agree that GMOs must be labeled, Monsanto is aggressively perusing its anti-GMO labeling policies. Monsanto and giant biotech corporations have spend millions of dollars fighting laws that would mandate GMO labeling. The question is that why Monsanto ignores the fact that America wants GMOs labeled? If GMOs were safe why not label them and call them “proudly made with GMOs”.


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