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In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurant I want to talk about the remarkable power of human beings capable of self-healing. Chinese medicine has around and known for its healing techniques for centuries now. These techniques simply are deep breathing, gentle movements, self-massage and meditation. You can practice these techniques 10 to 15 minutes a day and you will be more resistant to stress side effects, illnesses and you’ll find yourself to have more energy and get less tired.


Deep Breathing: In today’s world we have almost forgotten how to breathe. Shallow breathing constricts blood vessels and can cause high blood pressure. Shallow breathing also lowers the immune system by slowing down immune cells and blood circulation in the body. It’s good for your body’s immune system to do few minutes of deep breathing before going to bed and few minutes of deep breathing after waking up. Take a deep and slow breath though your nose and exhale slowly after 10 seconds.

Gentle Movements: Studies show that gentle movements can fight disease and increase body’s immune system without having the chances of muscle or joint injury that people do in extensive exercises.

Self-Massage: Self-massage has been used as an incredible source for self-healing. You can gently massage your body and feel the warmth of your hands. Chinese people believe that sending the warmth of your hand all over your body can heal disease and health problems.

Meditation: Meditation dilates blood vessels, helps with the production of essential hormones and lowers blood pressure. Emptying your mind and relaxation can do wonders healing diseases, reducing stress and anxiety, depression, fatigue and lowering blood pressure. In a study transcendental meditation was practiced in a group of people with high blood pressures and this group had greater drop in their blood pressures than those with restricted diets on alcohol, sodium and regular exercise.



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