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Physical and Mental Health

In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I’m going to talk about tips on mental and physical health. It might not be easy to deal with depression, anxiety and stress that is affecting you both mentally and emotionally. No one deserves to feel lonely and hopeless throughout the days.


Some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety are sleeping too much or too little, lack of energy, loss of appetite, increase in anxiety, moodiness and irritability, seasonal depression especially during winter time, moodiness and hopeless or even suicidal thoughts. It’s necessary to be able to deal with life’s difficulties and learn the skills to overcome life’s challenges and problems. Fatigue remedies, regular exercise and effective Chinese and herbal medicine can improve your mental and physical health. One of the reasons for depression can be lack of nutrition or malnutrition in adults and even in children. Sometimes the things we eat aren’t that much of a problem comparing to the portions of our food. Eating too much of the same thing can cause problem long term. 20 years ago a bagel (3 inches in diameter) had 140 calories, now a bagel is 6 inches and has 333 calories. A cheese burger 20 years ago had about 333 calories; today a cheese burger has 590 calories.


Here are some tips that can help you to eat just about the right size:

-Have smaller meals throughout the day: The smart thing you can do is to have smaller portion of food and healthy snacks throughout the day, so you won’t become so hungry to eat a big portion of food at one time.

-Use smaller plates: Use smaller plates. Studies show that when you use smaller plates, you fool your eyes and eat less.

-Eat slowly: Taste the texture of your food in every bite and eat slower. Stop eating just right before feeling heavy and full. Usually your body sends signals to your brain neural senses with a little of delay.

-Keep a journal of your food: Your body needs certain vitamins and minerals throughout the day. It’s good to eat a little bit of everything (like variety of fruits and vegetables) but in smaller portions. Many children in schools today have problems concentrating and learning because of malnutrition. In today's world that our daily physical activity has pretty much decreased, we need smaller portion of food and it's tricky to get enough nutrition from less food, so taking right amount of vitamins and mineral supplements can be helpful.

-Eat on the dinner table: If you eat in front of TV you are more likely to eat more. If you're eating snacks in front of TV do not eat them from the bag, put them in container or in a bowl, so you know how much you’re eating.

- Eating out in a restaurant: When you eat out share an entrée with a friend or a partner or take half of your food home with you.

-Eating a Well-balanced Diet A balanced diet should have a combination of 30% good fat, 30% protein and 40% carbohydrates, but for some people the combination could also be 30% good fat, 40% protein, and 30% carbohydrates.



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