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Lead Poisoning

Lead is one of deadliest toxic metals that over time can accumulate in the body and cause many health problems. Exercising and perspiration can detoxify the body from heavy metals like lead however lead cannot be excreted though digestive system. The organs in the body absorb lead directly from the blood and store lead along with other minerals in the bones. From bones lead might be reentered to the blood stream as a result of renal failure, pregnancy or menopause.


Unlike other metals Lead is poison for the body and dysfunctions some important enzymes. Lead is reactive with sulfur and selenium and unable these substances to protect body from free radicals. Toxic amounts of lead can cause severe damage to kidneys, liver, heart and nervous system. When lead enters the blood, the body can’t distinguish lead from calcium and it stores lead like calcium in bones. The body of pregnant women and small children absorbs more calcium and lead than other people.

Children per their body weight absorb 25% to 40% more lead. People who are calcium deficient also are more susceptible to lead poisoning. Some of the lead poisoning symptoms are muscle weakness, gastrointestinal problems, anxiety, diarrhea, loss of appetite, memory problems, blindness, seizures, paralysis, mental retardation and even coma or death. Lead is one of the metals that’s widely used in the US so many people have high levels of lead in their bodies.

People could be exposed to lead by lead-base paints, foods that are grown in soils contaminated with lead, canned foods, insecticides, tap water, imported wines, car’s lead-acid batteries and lead glassware and crystal dishes. Fetuses could also be exposed to high levels of lead from mothers that have high levels of lead in their bodies. Children born from women who have high levels of lead toxicity are more likely to suffer from mental retardation and nervous system disorder. Based on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the blood lead level of 1 million children under the age of 5 exceeds the acceptable level of lead.


How to Minimize Exposure to Lead

- Avoid buying foods in cans sealed with lead solder.

- Tests your water to make sure of the lead safety level and do not drink the tap water. Use only filtered or spring water for drinking.

- If you use the tap water for cooking, let the water run for at least three minutes before using it. It's safer to use steam-distilled or filtered water for cooking. Don’t boil your water more than 5 minutes because it will concentrate the water contaminants including lead.

- Before pouring wine clean the mouth of the bottle because the foil wrappers around the wine bottles can have lead in them.

- Don’t turn the food bags inside out for storing other foods. The ink used for writing on many of these bags contains lead.

- Avoid make up and over the counter remedies. Did you know that many popular lipsticks and eye makeup have lead in them? Based on the FDA report here is the full list of 400 lipsticks that have lead. I know many women who use these famous brands without knowing that there is lead in their lipsticks.

FDA Analyses of Lead in Lipsticks – Expanded Survey

One of the lipstick brands that I often use is called Motives® by Loren Ridinger that contains NO LEAD. Motives® provides reasonable prices, excellent quality and no lead contamination. So why not being safe than being sorry?