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GMO Toxicity and the Giant Biotech Syngenta was Charged for Covering up Livestock Deaths

The giant biotech company Syngenta has been charged for covering up the death of livestock because of its genetically modified Bt corn.

The story started back in Germany when the cows of a farmer suffered and suddenly died from a mysterious disease after they were exclusively fed on Syngenta’s GM Bt 176.

The farmer took Syngenta to court and Syngenta had to pay the farmer 40,000 Euros but the giant biotech completely denied that its GM corn caused the death of the livestock.


However, few years later, the farmer found out that in a feeding study, Syngenta’s GM corn killed four cows in just two days. Now, few German farmers have come together and have taken Syngenta to the court for the death of famer’s cattle and covering up the deaths of livestock in the study.

Most importantly, Hans-Theo Jahmann, the head of Syngenta is charged for not sharing his prior knowledge about the feeding study that resulted in the death of livestock in the first civil court.

However, the German farmer isn’t the only case that shows the toxicity of Bt corn. According to Institute of Science and Society, more than 1,800 sheep were reported dead after grazing on Bt cotton crops from severe toxicity in four villages in Andhra Pradesh India. Also in the last three years ill workers and dead villagers have been reported in the same village.

Mass Deaths in Sheep Grazing on Bt Cotton

Also in 2003, in Philippines there have been several reports of death of livestock and fever, chest pain, respiratory, intestinal and skin ailments of villagers who lived close by Bt maize fields.

Dozens Ill & Five Deaths in the Philippines and GM Ban Long Overdue

What’s amazing is that in all the cases, Bt toxin has led to sudden death and mysterious illnesses in humans and livestock.

In fact, in 2012 the Canadian study showed large percentages of both glyphosate and gluphosinate (glyphosate is the active ingredient in Roundup used as herbicide for GM crops) in the blood of non-pregnant women. Also Bt toxin was found in the blood of 95% of pregnant women and 83% of their unborn fetuses.

Recently, another long-term French study by Gilles-Eric Séralini also linked Bt corn to severe kidney and liver toxicity and giant tumors in rats.

Conflict of Interest:

Biotech is bad science shoved down our throat as science. It is impossible for Monsanto’s scientists to claim no evidence of GMO harms, when other independent scientists have continuously reported severe toxicity and even death in laboratory animals.

But Roundup is Monsanto’s best selling herbicide sold worldwide and it makes up for 43% of the company’s income. Also more than 80% of the world’s corn and soy have been genetically modified and are owned by the giant biotech companies including Monsanto.


At the same time, many scientific community members have warned the authorities about toxicity of Roundup, among them Dr Huber who warned the secretary of agriculture about toxicity of Roundup. Dr Huber also warned USDA about approving genetically modified alfalfa which can contaminate other organic and non-GMO crops.

But Thanks to Obama’s administration and his pro GMO policies, Monsanto’s people are assigned in key positions in both FDA and USDA.  In fact, Dr Huber’s letters about Roundup toxicity to Tom Vilsack (the secretary of agriculture who was awarded by biotech industries as the governor of the year) was ignored.

Also both USDA and FDA approved genetically modified alfalfa and Roundup knowing that it can cause birth defects, infertility, cancer, autism, gastrointestinal issues and many other health problems. This is all happening when the American public is kept in dark because biotech companies spent $46 million against California GMO labeling.

Even India in the beginning of 2013, joined 64 other countries who have already required GMO labeling. Also 27 other countries including Zambia, Benin and Serbia have banned GMOs imports and cultivation.

However, November this year the voters in Washington will make a decision to vote in favor of GMO labeling. Find more about Labelitwa: http://seattleorganicrestaurants.com/vegan-whole-foods/gmo-labeling-washington/




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