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Monsanto’s GMO crops have become resistant to pests and weeds

Although Monsanto promised that genetically modified crops will reduce the use of pesticide, the truth is that since the introduction of GMOs, the use of pesticides has increased by 500 million pounds.

Beside the increase in use of pesticides, Monsanto’s GMO crops have also become resistant to pests and weeds.  A new research by University of Arizona shows how the weeds and pests are becoming quickly adaptable to GMO crops and as a result GM crops are losing their abilities to fight off pests and weeds.  

In the mid 90s, genetically modified corn and cotton were first introduced to market by Monsanto in order to create toxic protein known as bacillus thuringiensis (BT) to fight off pests and insects. However, a new study by University of Arizona shows that the pests are evolving and becoming quickly resistant to Bt toxin and they often times have a complex and unpredictable response to multi-toxin GMO crops.


Using PC stimulations, lab experiments and experimental data and analysis showed that the multi-toxin GMO crops cannot kill pests because the pests become so quickly resistant to them. The study showed that the pests have unpredictable response to every single GMO trait and it’s impossible to predict how they will respond to other toxic genes.

Monsanto never intended to "Feed the World". Their only intention is to "Feed the Shareholders"

Monsanto’s Bt crops have also been creating superweeds resistant to herbicides. The can also spread out and destroy natural and native plants. 

Also a research published in Nature, Cornell University showed that other habitats like caterpillars are harmed by Monsanto’s Bt corn so are other beneficial insects including ladybugs, useful organisms, beneficial bacteria, green lacewings and even bees.

However, despite the hypocrisy and double standard of the biotech and the deliberate exertion of pressure on the experts and independent scientific community members, many scientists and researchers have warned the public about the health risks of genetically modified foods on human beings and livestock.

In fact, a recent study by the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology showed that pesticides used in GMO crops to control weeds and pests can increase the chances of allergies and food intolerance. Also many other studies have linked GM foods with leaky gut, gastrointestinal problems, autism, cancer and increase in antibiotic resistance diseases.

Wth all the possible health risks of GMOs, 27 countries have banned GMOs and 64 other countries have required GMO labeling, yet the biotech is willing to spend millions of dollars to keep the American public in dark about what’s in our food.

The biotech industry has been misleading everyone that organic sustainable agriculture can’t feed the world. In fact, nature is full of abundance and there is plenty of food available for every man, woman and child on this planet. The food crisis in some parts of the world is related to corruption not the food shortage. GMO crops are just another scam of the food industry shoved down our throat to sell Monsanto’s top selling pesticide called “Roundup”.

March against Monsanto on May 25th

For more info please visit: http://occupy-monsanto.com/march-against-monsanto-may-25-2013/




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