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How to stay hydrated during hot summers: Foods and drinks that dehydrate your body

As the temperatures rise up in the United States, Canada and Europe, more and more people are looking for natural ways to keep their bodies cool and hydrated. Two-thirds of our bodies are water and when we lose too much body fluid we are at the risk of dehydration. 

The main cause of dehydration in summer time is perspiration as a result of excessive heat, exercise or tough physical activity. Perspiration is a way for body to cool itself down and lose toxins and heavy metals. However it’s important to replace the body fluid that you lose. Dehydration can cause a series of health problems and can even become life-threatening, resulting in seizures, brain damage or even death.


The symptoms of dehydration are dry or sticky mouth and swollen tongue, tiredness or sleepiness, low or no urine output, dark yellow color of urine, lack of sweating and no tears.

Drinking plenty of fluids and water is the best way to avoid dehydration. It’s also better to avoid heavy physical activity or being outdoors at the peak of the heat during the afternoon. Every day, based on perspiration, urine and bowel movements, an average person loses 90 ounces of water. So it’s important to drink two glasses of water as soon as you get up in the mornings and have an average of 3 liters water a day. Water plays an important role by delivering essential nutrients to all the organs and excreting toxins and wastes from kidneys and liver. Water is also great for preventing constipation and menstruation or PMS pains and can promote weight loss and reduce craving for foods and excessive eating. As much as water is essential for preventing dehydration, solid foods can also be valuable hydrating agents.

Here are the top foods that can help your body to stay hydrated:

1.Watermelon: 92% of watermelon’s content is fluid and watermelon contains powerful antioxidants, beta carotene and plenty of vitamins including vitamin A, B1, B6 and C and minerals like calcium, sodium, potassium and magnesium. Watermelon is the most powerful fruit for hydration and contains only 8% sugar.

2. Cantaloupe: Cantaloupe is one of the best nutrient-dense fruit that has all the daily recommended nutrients including vitamin A and C and 15% recommended daily value for potassium. Cantaloupe has only 2% less water than watermelon and is a great source of water for hydration.

foods that can help your body to stay hydrated


3. Cucumbers: Cucumbers are great for hydration and have low calories for dietaries. Cucumbers have vitamin C and plenty of minerals including calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium and can prevent dehydration.

4. Celery: While most vegetables are about 90% water, celery is 96% water. Celery can also restore body’s level of potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium and is a great source of iron, zinc and phosphorus.

5. Grapes: Grapes are water-rich content fruit and a great source of antioxidants and vitamin C. Besides their great hydration properties, grapes can fight off free radicals and destroy cancer cells.

Foods and drinks that dehydrate your body:

As mentioned drinking plenty of water and foods that are loaded with water can hydrate your body. However, on the other hand, alcohol, caffeine and sugar can cause dehydration.

Avoid beverages like sodas, tea or coffee that have caffeine. Caffeine acts as a potent diuretic and sucks water from the body tissues, leaving body with chronic dehydration. Alcoholic drinks including beer and wine have also the same diuretic quality and make body dehydrated. Alcohol makes body cells to shrink by sucking water out of body cells and depleting your body’s fluid. So if you are out in a hot sunny day and you are sweating, the best way to keep your body dehydrated is drinking water not sodas or alcohol.

Sugar can also dehydrate your body by sucking oxygen out of your blood. So avoid energy drinks that are high in sugar content and caffeine. One of the best natural drinks to keep your body hydrated is organic coconut water known for its electrolytes and healing properties.



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