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It's not just about WHAT you EAT; it’s also about WHAT’S EATING YOU


In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I want to talk about stress and obesity relationship. The recent study shows that nearly 72 million Americans are obese, the sad thing is that one out of three kids are obese and are very likely to be diabetes. And the REALITY is that obesity is not just about WHAT you EAT; it’s also about WHAT’S EATING YOU.

Your brain is in total control of your body, your thinking, the way you feel, the way you remember, the way you move and walk, even your food digestion, your stress level and your heart beat. The central nervous system is the spinal cord and the brain and these nerves are in total control of how you feel and move. Once the nervous system is damaged it cannot be repaired; for example if your liver is damaged you can repair it by raw diet, but unfortunately a damaged nervous system cannot repair itself. Some factors that cause damage to nervous system over a period of time are chronic depression, stress and anxiety. Researchers found out that when the body is stressed out, it releases NPY (neuropeptide Y) that will make fat cells to grow and outnumber.


Most people in times of stress reach “comfortable food” that is mostly high fat and high sugar diet. In times of stress your metabolism also slows down that won’t help much; when your body feels alert, it wants to hold on to all its abdominal fat deposits to protect itself against any harm or threat. The good news is that unlike stress, laughter releases endorphins that would effectively lowers the stress hormones and increases the body’s metabolism.

Will exercise help?

You cannot burn calories just by exercising (30 min of jogging only burns 200 calories which is a chocolate bar). Unlike what people think exercise is not about HOW MANY CALORIES you burn. Exercising regularly will help your muscles and body relax by releasing tension and stress of the day, so your body can get rid of the stubborn fat it has stored. One of the BEST exercises is walking above a certain heart beat. The others are what Chinese always believed such as deep breathing, stretching, self massage and meditation.



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