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Recent Articles about GMO and Monsanto:


Top 20 Foods and Products that have been Genetically Modified

The debate over labeling genetically modified organisms still continues in US while 27 different countries have banned GMOs and 50 countries across the globe have requited GMO labeling. The voters in California will make the final decision this November to label GMOs. Meanwhile customers should be aware of the food products that have already been genetically modified and aren’t properly labeled. ... Seattle Restaurants



Is the war against GMO over?

These last few weeks, the big 6 pesticide companies including Monsanto and their buddies, DuPont, Bayer, Dow, BASF and Syngenta have been celebrating their well bought victory for $46 million dollars on media ads against Prop. 37 in California so that people don't acquire the right to know if there is GMO ingredients in their food. Earlier this month, the spokeswoman for Food Marketing Institute, Jennifer Hatcher mentioned “it felt good to go directly to voters and defeat Proposition 37 and she also hoped that this is the end to GMO labeling movement so she doesn’t have to deal with this ever again.... Seattle Restaurants


GMO Initiative labeling in Washington

Recently many independent scientific papers, food advocates, researchers and even FDA’s scientists have been warming the public about the possible harms and side effects of genetically modified organisms in our food supply. But the big 6 pesticide and the pro-GMO crowd who have been financially benefiting from their stocks in biotech companies are still in denial and refuse to put a label on GMO ... Seattle Restaurants



Whole Food announces GMO labeling by 2018

You probably remember the Seralini study last summer on rats that were fed GMO corn. The horrifying tumors on rats after they were fed GMO created even more concern among the average consumers and scientific community about the health risks associated with GMOs. November last year California Porp37 who was in forefront of battle to label GMOs lost the battle by only 3% margin to giant biotech corporations like DuPont and Monsanto ... Whole Food announces GMO labeling by 2018



Why Whole Foods is taking too long to label GMOs and how to avoid purchasing genetically modified foods?

It is obvious that 5 years is a long time to wait if they intend to label GMOs that have been linked to infertility, cancer, autism and many other health problems. If Whole Foods really wants to label GM foods, in the worst case scenario, they can label all their products in less than 12 month. However Whole Foods decision to label GM foods in the next 5 years is one way to appear concerned about the harms of GMO while doing this most certainly as a marketing ploy to get back some of its marketshare lost due to being caught for lying about GMO labeling 2 years ago ... Seattle Restaurants



Soy Deception

In the last few years soy has been added to an alarming number of products in our food supply. Soy is often times promoted by food companies as healthy or nutritional. More than 99% of soy in the US has been genetically modified. Many independent research and studies have been warning the public about the side effect of genetically modified organisms. In laboratory rats that were fed GMO soy failed to grow normally. ... soy health



GMO Hypocrisy and Double Standards against the working Class Americans

During the 2008 presidential campaign Obama mentioned that the public had the right to know if their foods are genetically modified. Now four years later, GMOs are banned in 27 different countries but the biotech industry and FDA don’t even acknowledge that there is any difference in genetically modified foods compared to traditional foods. It’s pretty amazing how Michelle Obama, the first lady, launches a campaign to fight childhood obesity and digs up the White House front lawn to plant an organic vegetable garden and on the other hand her husband shakes hands with biotech industry and appoints, Mike Taylor, the former VP and attorney of Monsanto, as FDA deputy commissioner ..... gmo-hypocrisy-double-standards



Top Breakfast Cereals that Contain Monsanto’s GMO Corn

In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I want to talk about remedies for fatigue. If you feel exhausted most of the time and have a little or no energy to go through your daily schedule your should change your eating habits, exercise more, meditate and sleep enough hours. Here are some tips on how to manage fatigue and exhaustion ... breakfast-cereals-monsanto-gmo-corn



America wants GMOs Labeled

The study performed by the Gilles-Eric Seralini, a French biologist at Caen University on 200 rats-100 females and 100 males showed that 70% of female rates and 50% of male died from large tumors and severe damage to kidney and liver compared to 20% females and 30% males that didn’t eat GMO foods in controlled groups. The study has its own supporters and critics. However some experts who are skeptical of the French studies have financial ties to biotech companies. To clarify any doubts and skepticism France has just launched a major investigation about GMO products ... Seattle Restaurants



The forbidden truth about GMOs

The California Proposition No. 37 was defeated by the giant biotech companies who spent $46 million on lies and propaganda to hide GMOs in our food supply. These pesticide companies are now fighting harder and harder to strengthen the position of GMOs in our food supply and disrespect the right of consumers to know what’s in their food. .. Seattle Restaurants



Yes on 37 – Respect the rights of American people to choose

The big 6 pesticide firms, their supporters and financial beneficiaries are carrying a campaign against “prop.37” that is called “No On 37”. They have raised 32 million dollars so far and poured 19 million dollars into their campaign against Prop.37. These companies have been trying to call Pop.37 deceptive, despite all the independent scientific research studies indicating serious hazards and concerns expressed by the scientific communities and informed consumers ... Seattle Restaurants



Monsanto’s GMO Corn are Banned in Russia

In fact France was one of the very first few countries that banned Monsanto’s rBGH growth hormones and GMOs. Now with Russia joining France in banning Monsanto’s GMO products, there is a high possibility that Monsanto will soon be facing a European ban. Russia’s policy to put a ban on all Monsanto’s GMO corn was a blowback at Monsanto’s recent policies. In the last few years Monsanto has desperately been trying to convince people that genetically modified foods are no different than non-GMO foods ... Seattle Restaurants





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