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How is Roundup related to birth defects?

It’s been more than a decade since many independent scientists, researchers and food critics have been warning the public about the health risks associated with “glyphosate”; the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup

Last year, a non-profit organization in Britain called the “Earth Open Source” released many documented studies about the health risks associated with glyphosate in Roundup such as birth defect, reproduction failure and cancer.

However glyphosate is approved and regulated by both FDA and EPA and in an interview the “Earth Open Source” mentioned that the approval of glyphosate by DFA and EPA is deeply unreliable and flawed.


Glyphosate is Monsanto’s top selling herbicide and it's been used in both gardens and farmers across US. Keep in mind that almost 89% of corn and soy produced in the US are genetically modified.

Fact-checking about Roundup

- In many independent studies, glyphosate has been related to birth defects, reproduction failure and deformities of laboratory animals. However the impact of glyphosate on humans is unclear since there hasn’t been any study about the side effect of roundup on humans.

Pre- and postnatal toxicity of the commercial glyphosate formulation in Wistar rats.

Roundup: Birth Defects Caused By World's Top-Selling Weedkiller, Scientists Say

However the two independent studies, both in 2005 and 2009 show that glyphosate can cause death of human cells.

Differential Effects of Glyphosate and Roundup on Human Placental Cells and Aromatase

Glyphosate Formulations Induce Apoptosis and Necrosis in Human Umbilical, Embryonic, and Placental Cells


In the last few decades, FDA has approved many herbicides and toxic additives and has called them within safety limits. Jeffrey Smith, the producer of Genetic Roulette and an advocate on genetically modified foods said in an interview that “there is obviously a limit on how much poison can be tested on human beings since many independent studies have shown that feeding lab rats with Roundup has caused reproductive failure and birth defects”. And he also suggested that more independent studies are required in order to evaluate the exact toxicity of Roundup in our food supply.

- Monsanto has been marketing and calling Roundup “environmentally friendly”. In 1996, an attorney General in NY filed a lawsuit against Monsanto for calling Roundup safe. Monsanto paid the New York State 250,000 dollars to settle the lawsuit but didn’t admit any wrongdoing. 

Attorney General of the State of New York. Consumer Frauds and Protection Bureau. Environmental Protection Bureau.

- In June 2012, the Earth Open published a full report on how Roundup can cause birth defects and failure in delivery.  

Roundup and birth defects: Is the public being kept in the dark?

- 98% of soybeans in Argentina are GMOs. In 2009, 200 million liters of glyphosate was sprayed in farms of Argentina. Although at the time GMO soy helped with Argentina’s economy and poor farmers, in several years the residents close to farms that were sprayed with Roundup started developing cancers and birth defects. Many farmers also lost their livestock and the use of glyphosate has caused malformation in chicken embryos.

GM soya 'miracle' turns sour in Argentina

GM Soy Linked to Illnesses in Farm Pigs

- The study below is performed by Andres Carrasco, the director of the Laboratory of Molecular Embryology at the University of Buenos Aires about harms of Roundup. Interesting enough, Andres Carrasco and his colleague faced a mob attack before his speech about the correlation between Round up and birth defects.


Andres Carrasco made it safely to his car, but his other colleagues were not that lucky and one of them got paralyzed and the other one was knocked unconscious.

Glyphosate-Based Herbicides Produce Teratogenic Effects on Vertebrates by Impairing Retinoic Acid Signaling

In the following article, Andres Carrasco points out that the malfunction in chicken embryos by Roundup is similar to the birth defects of people in regions that were sprayed by Roundup. He also suggests that glyphosate can be a real toxin and danger to human’s health.

Glyphosate causes malformations in frog and chicken embryos

After this study, a group of farmers and environmentalists requested a ban on Monsanto’s Roundup product in Argentina, but it was rejected.

Argentine herbicide lawsuit alarms soy farmers

However, in March 2012, Monsanto’s Roundup got banned in some regions of Argentina by a regional court in Santa Fe province after presenting a report on how both childhood cancer rate and birth defect had gone up nearly four times after the use of Monsanto’s glyphosate.

Revealed: the glyphosate research the GM soy lobby doesn't want you to read

-Here in the U.S, Dr. Huber (a plant pathology professor at University of Purdue) discovered that Roundup was related to a mystery organism in lab rats that was causing miscarriages. He wrote a letter to the Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack expressing his concern about this new pathogen with significant side effects to the health of humans and other species. He asked the secretary of agriculture to deregulate glyphosate until further tests are performed. However none of Dr. Huber’s letters were responded.

- In 2007 presidential election, former president Obama promised to label GMO food, but not only that he hasn’t made any effort to label GMO foods, his policies have supported and promoted genetically modified foods by appointing Mike Taylor, Monsanto’s former VP and attorney as the commissioner of FDA.

And also EPA has done nothing, (despite all the promises that was made by EPA) to evaluate the side effect of glyphosate on human’s health. However, both EPA and FDA do not perform any independent studies and completely rely on the studies performed by giant agribusiness and chemical companies such as Dow, Syngenta, Monsanto, DuPont and BASF about the safety of their product.

Cancer cause or crop aid? Herbicide faces big test

The Toxin in Roundup so Dangerous It's Causing Catastrophic Birth Defects

So currently the food companies are self regulating many toxic foods and additives by calling them safe where the average consumer is poisoned every day by these carcinogens in our food supply. These big pesticide companies have declared a war on American freedom of choice by refusing to label GMOs. If GMO was good, the food industry would have a big banner and label on foods calleing it "GMOs GREAT FOR YOUR HEALTH". But instead they try to hide GMOs under differnt names such as natural. GMO is the CREED of IGNORANCE and its INHERENT VIRTUE is ILLNESS and MISERY!


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