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Why don’t they call it proudly made with GMO?

Recently, more and more experts and advocates have been warning the public about the potential harms and danger of GMOs. And as a result many Americans have turned into organic and healthy living.


This November California voters will decide on proposition No.37 and no one can deny that whatever comes out of the voting booth, there are no more myths about GMOs. The fact is that the battle of biotech and chemical companies against labeling GMO has come to a turning point.

Although the pesticide companies desperately have been trying to mislead everyone that the anti-GMO movement has been motivated by politicians, the TRUTH is that a great movement has been started and grown rapidly from the heart of the American people and Main Street to object the Washington corporate lobbying and Wall Street. And whether the big chemical companies acknowledge that or not, sooner or later there is going to be an end to a secret hidden GMO organism in our food supply.

We’ve certainly passed the era of being ignorant about GMOs’ deadly health problems and their side effects such as increase in allergies, infertility, organ failure, gastrointestinal problems, autism, premature aging and death, and cancer.

However, on the subject of GMO, different political parties including conservatives, liberals, democrats and independent have all agreed that GMOs must be labeled.


Recently Dennis Kucinich introduced the “Genetically Engineered Food Right to know Bill” called “H.R. 6635, the Genetically Engineered Food Safety Act” in the congress.

Dennis Kucinich: H.R. 6635, the Genetically Engineered Food Safety Act

Along the way, many food retailers, activists and honest and concerned scientific community members have begun to stand up and talk about the potential harms of GMOs for public consumption.

On the other hand, the whole campaign by the chemical companies called “No on 37” has been a total failure since they’ve been hopelessly and helplessly trying to call “Yes on 37” deceptive and deprive the American public of the right to know what’s in their food. Their non-sense arguments and arrogant fight against the right of every citizen in this country to know what’s in their food has turned their campaign into a bubble of delusion, confusion and ignorance. And for some reason, their arguments to deny that there is anything wrong with GMOs is very similar to the argument of people who don’t believe in global warming or disadvantaged poverty.  

How should consumers know that they are not purchasing GMOs?


The biotech and chemical companies know that the high sales of GMO products are actually related to lack of knowledge and improper labeling, not customer’s choice. Many consumers have no idea that they are purchasing many famous food brands that contain high level of GMO ingredients.

Also, the food industry knows that no one in their right mind goes to a grocery store and specifically looks for genetically modified tomatoes or corn. And not a single brand or food company advertises that their product is made with GMOs. They actually try to deny and hide GMO in their products. If there is nothing wrong with GMOs, why not label it and advertise it as “PROUDLY MADE WITH GMOs”? What is all this hiding about that they have to sell their GMOs under different labels like “natural”.

However, you as a consumer have the POWER to boycott GMO foods by not purchasing processed foods or foods that aren’t certified organic.

The ONLY way to avoid purchasing GMOs is to buy products that are certified organic. And since some toxic additives such as MSG or HFCS are hidden under different names, make sure to read the products labels carefully.

If you need to know more about GMOs, the recent movie by Jeffrey Smith called the “Genetic Roulette Movie” is a highly informative movie that fully explains whatever you need to know about health risks associated with GMO. Educate everyone else around you and spread the truth and facts about genetically modified organisms.

The big 6 pesticide firms are spending lots of money to kill prop. 37. The reason they are fighting is that they know once the majority is aware of their scam, the GAME is OVER. So support California Pop.37 and join this great movement today! The pesticide companies are spending lots of money to win this battle but they are the MINORITY and we are the MAJORITY. Your small negligible donations and votes will MAKE a BIG difference! Either way the VOCTORY is OURS but your support will shorten the life span of the hypocrisy and double standard of the food companies regarding genetically modified organisms.


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