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Obesity Impact on Workplace

In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I want to talk about the obesity impact on workplaces. Studies show that obese workers are less productive, more likely to miss work and costs companies a lot more money for their medical expenses.

The obesity epidemic is the biggest threat to the health of our nation and if we don’t do anything about it all of us as individuals or country are going to pay a serious price. Recently many workplaces have established a wellness program for their employees.

Obesity costs employers about 70 billion dollars a year. More than 50% of obesity related costs to the employer is low utilization. Even if the obese person shows up at work they aren’t really present. It’s hard to move three to four times more of a normal weight your body supposed to be.

The wellness program varies from company to company but many companies are aiming to improve the obesity side effects such as high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol, high body fat and reducing the use of tobacco. These programs are usually supervised by the medical professionals to provide stress reduction techniques, nutritional information and increasing physical activity.

The wellness programs in workplaces are largely increasing to improve the health and wellbeing of American employees. The numbers of companies with wellness programs have gone up by 50% over the last decade. The Bureau of labor statistics shows that 54% of public employees and 28% of private sector employees have access to wellness program.



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