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Genetically Modified Chickens

Since the loss of family farm lands by consolidation of larger land holders most livestock are being mistreated in the worst pathetic inhumane conditions. The food industry is very well aware that if people knew what they are eating, they wouldn’t want to eat it at the first place. These food companies have the images of healthy and happy livestock on the cover of their products, but the reality could not be any further than the truth. These chickens are raised in filthy cages their whole lives while being mistreated. The chickens are fed corn, drugs, hormones, GMOs and other crap to grow faster and become larger and because of their heavy weight they get crippled ... Seattle Restaurants



Milk. Raw Whole Milk vs. Homogenized or Pasteurized whole-fat, Low-fat or Skimmed Milk. And, does milk cause infertility?

In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I'm going to talk about homogenized milk, pasteurized milk, raw milk and is milk causes infertility in women. If a person is not used to drinking raw milk from a cow, then the idea of it is really not appealing – I admit that was certainly the case for me. But by researching milk for 2 years and speaking with a range of medical doctors and reading various research papers (see below) I finally decided that I must switch to raw milk from a cow and luckily, where we live in Northwest, we do have access to a few raw milk farmers and we can get our milk directly from them. They are responsible dairy farmers who ensure that the milk is produced under very strict and hygienic facility ... Seattle Restaurants


Hormones and GMOs in our food supply

America one of the most advanced and wealthiest nations on earth is also one the sickest nations. But how could that be possible and what has happened along the way that the health of a nation has been comprised for the sake of few corporate elites and profit? How come all of a sudden it has become normal to accept the increasing number of chemicals, pesticides, wastes and toxins in our food supply, water and cosmetics? And how did we as a nation started to accept the scam of agribusiness industry to secretly genetically modify our foods or add harmful chemicals and factory wastes to our water and food supply or cosmetics? ... Seattle Restaurants




You’ve got to admit that “got milk” is a clever marketing scheme. The other successful gimmick to promote the milk monopoly was the celebrities with milk mustaches. These were successful ad campaigns designed to get you to buy more dairy products and pour them into your lifestyle. And why not, you thought milk was good for you. Yet we have record health issues including 20 million with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. A pallet of milk will not save you from bone disease or other diseases. You might be surprised to know that dairy products increase your risk of developing serious diseases ...got-milk



Meet your Meat! Monsanto, Big Dairy Farmers and Big Meat Producers

In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I'm going to talk about animal abuse, use of hormones and GMOs in our food supply and the power of big dairy farmers and Monsanto. There are no laws to protect farmed animals against violence and abuse. Although More than 90% of Americans believe that famed animals deserve legal protection, the food industry lobbyists give Politicians millions of dollars every year not to pass laws or enforcements that would protect animal farms. Since the loss of family farm lands by consolidation of larger land holders the cows in farms are treated like milk machines or commodity ... Seattle Restaurants



5 ways to increase fertility

In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I want to talk about 5 ways to increase fertility. Infertility is growing at a faster rate in the last 10 years that ever before. In United States, one in 10 men and one in 8 women are now experiencing infertility. While research has not been completely conclusive and still more research data is being gathered and analyzed, the studies do suggest that certain factors contribute to infertility, in particular poor nutrition, lack of exercise, stress, environmental factors, and lack of general vitality either as a result of lifestyle choices or relationship and/or career reasons, for instance, women waiting longer to start a family ... 5-ways-increase-fertility


How your Choices Affect your Quaility of Life

How your Choices Affect your Quaility of Life

The human consciousness is becoming more and more aware that everything in the current political, social, economical and food system is rigged, manipulated and designed for distraction and suppressing your humanity and true desire to simply love and be loved. The financial system has been at the near point of collapse once every 10 years, in a cycle of boom and bust, when everything you’ve worked hard for can vanish in a blink of an eye. The “healthcare” system has become “sick-care“ system, controlled by powerful insurance corporations and lobbyists with their entire focus on making money rather than healing. ... How your Choices Affect your Quaility of Life



Sunfood & New Chapter overtaken by Procter & Gamble; A deal with the devil

It’s not unusual to hear that small businesses one by one are being pushed out of the market by consolidation of larger land holders. This time the story is about Procter & Gamble buying Sunfood, one of the darling food companies that used to sell people natural organic healthy foods and superfoods. David Wolfe the co-founder of Sunfood in his exclusive interview with NaturalNews BUZZ explains the details of Sunfood or better said Sunfraud corporate takeover. For two years David Wolfe and others who truly care about longevity and nutrition worked hard for Sunfood and now Procter & Gamble with strong ties to Monsanto is in charge of it ... sunfood-procter-gamble



What happened to family farm lands?

In this section of Seattle Organic Restauarants I'm going to talk about the loss of family farms by consolidation of larger land holders. The kind of food we eat is the kind of food that is most profitable. The revenue of fast food restaurants was about 43 billion dollars 10 years ago and now their revenue has gone up to 558 billion dollars. In the late 1980s America was concerned about food security. We spent money through subsidy for corn or research on how to produce cheap food model and less than a decade we found ourselves in abundance ... family-farm-lands



Soil Erosion

One of the problems farmers have is soil erosion and deprivation over time. As soil gets eroded it loses its fine particles and fertility. Intensive use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, industrialized agriculture and erosion have caused loss of 50% of top soil used for food production. Over time these practices have resulted in depletion of soil nutrients ... Seattle Restaurants



Cooking Oil/ Grapeseed Oil Health Benefits

In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I’m going to talk about the healthiest oils for cooking and salad dressings. There are three different types of fats; saturated fat, polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat. Saturated fats are solid at room temperature such as coconut oil, polyunsaturated fats are liquid at room temperature but they oxidize quickly like corn or sunflower oil. Monounsaturated fats are liquid and are found in nuts, canola and olive oil ... Seattle Restaurants



Medicinal Oils / Evening Primrose, Borage & Fish Oil

In this section of Seattle Organic Restaurants I want to talk about the health benefits of medicinal oils. The evening primrose oil is extracted from the seeds of plant called “oenothera biennis” or known as evening primrose plant that is rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). Native Americans used evening primrose oil as medicine for health problems such as diabetes. Many people who have diabetes develop neuropathy that is nerve dysfunction; nerve dysfunction causes pain and weakness ... Seattle Restaurants





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