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Soil Erosion

One of the problems farmers have is soil erosion and deprivation over time. As soil gets eroded it loses its fine particles and fertility. Intensive use of pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, industrialized agriculture and erosion have caused loss of 50% of top soil used for food production. Over time these practices have resulted in depletion of soil nutrients.


Eroded soil is less likely to resist erosion therefore it can’t hold on to its water and nutrients. The fruits and vegetables we eat get their nutrients from the soil and when soil doesn’t have enough nutrients left, the fruits and vegetables we grow on the soil have little or no nutrients to pass to those feeding from it. For instance, in 1930s and 1940s most farm soil in the US had small amounts of silver particles left in the soil. Silver is a natural antibiotic and in small doses, it helps our immune system to protect itself against bacteria. As small traces of silver in the soil have now disappeared over time, many doctors and nutritionists are now recommending that their patients obtain supplements with silver, in particular colloidal silver supplements.


We can increase soil fertility by shopping in a local organic grocery store every week and show our support for the remaining family farm lands.



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